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  1. specialkcrf

    metal in filter

    what is a frame tube? ive heard people say that on here before. Is there oil in the frame of all dirt bikes or something? i just did a bottom end rebuild too but i didnt drain a frame tube.
  2. specialkcrf

    2007 CRF450X EARLY Rev Limiter

    is blocking off the leak jet go for an 06 crf250r too?
  3. specialkcrf

    St. Joe this weekend

    i went there like 3 weeks ago aybe a month ago but it was fun. I like riding the trails the most but my friend that rides with me just sold his truck and bought a camaro. I dont have a truck or else i would def be down there
  4. specialkcrf

    Am i the only one?

    no im 20 and just started trying to ride wheelies ive also been riding since i was 8 but my grandpa is the one who taught me how to ride. just stricly trails he thought anything else was stupid. i just finally got my own bike and now ridind wheelies. i havent went to a motox track yet but im going to try that soon
  5. specialkcrf

    flywheel removal???

    this might work the guy on this video says he has done this on many different motor cyles ive never tried it though let me know if it works. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8k8jDzbvXI
  6. specialkcrf

    new bottom end

    and new top end 05 crf 250r. should i break in any different than when i just put a new piston and rings?
  7. specialkcrf

    What happened to my powerful pig?

    well your valve not being adjusted properly could make you lose some power im sure
  8. thanks for all the input. im going for it that just mad emy day i cant wait im going to be riding all the time
  9. well it has a v6 but its front wheel drive
  10. Id ont have the money to buy a truck right now and wont for a long time becuase i wont be able to afford insure having my own vehicle becuase of me haveing a dwi. my girlfriend has a 99 mercury cougar that i want to see about putting a trailer hitm on and buyin some sort of trailer. Any ideas? I hate relying on people to go riding
  11. specialkcrf

    04' CRF450R bottom end noise

    check the oil filter for metal shavings could be the crank. mine was making wierd nouise and would still start thats what happend to me
  12. specialkcrf

    you know what really grinds my gears?

    +1 im waiting right now 1. when a friend says hes going to buy your bike and dont and blows the crank in the procces 2. I dont have a truck to go riding when i want AHHHH!!!
  13. i do nt think he will ever understand i think he is just stupid he keeps sayind that you need back pressure to make the piston move faster and all kinds of stupid shiz. i sayed no that is what the spark plug igniting the gas does its called combustion. then he said it need back pressure so air flowss through the cylinder better and so it has more torque i think im going to give up he oviously doesnt know anything about an engine and doesnt want to learn
  14. ok my brother kkeps saying that that would be called back pressure..the timed pressure wave. And now he is sayong a four stroke needs back pressure to i told him what you all sayed but he said ok you beleive that stupid internet and wants to bet me a $100 so how cdan i officially prove him wrong his friend is putting up a $100 too,
  15. specialkcrf

    dont know if bike over heating

    wow those are ex[ensive. i have two crf250 rs and me and one of my freiends when trail riding he was too slow and got the bikw he was riding to overheat to the point where steam was coming out of the overflow tube.then later the crank went out, thats a different story.