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  1. YZRacer

    Can't get this *&%#@ to start

    Thanks Fred!!!
  2. YZRacer

    Can't get this *&%#@ to start

    Fred, Yes I have a manual. What am I checking on the decompresser arm?
  3. YZRacer

    Can't get this *&%#@ to start

    CRF Thumper, I have gone to the Service Honda web site (servicehonda.com) and got the parts diagram and list and I do not see a part called "decompression arm". Here is what they list: Part number on diagram is 4 Weight, Decomp Part number on diagram is 5 Base, Decompression Part number on diagram is 6 Plate Part number on diagram is 7 Spring, Decomp Part number on diagram is 23 Bolt, Socket (8x45) When you say "turn the "stud to get your clearances" what exactly do you mean? HELP
  4. YZRacer

    Can't get this *&%#@ to start

    Shawn, Yes, it does feel a bit easy to kick. In fact I can push the kick starter all the way through the stroke with my hand when the bike is cold. Where is the decompressor lash and how do I check it?
  5. Here is the story. Have a 04 450F and had the valves adjusted 2 months ago. Just recently the thing will not start when cold, I'm in Texas so it's not that cold. Anyway, I have put a new plug in, checked the valves again, they are perfect, checked everything I know to check, including going through the service manual for anything I may have missed, it appears that everything is right. Can't get it to start. I also made a minor adjustment to the fuel screw (1/2 turn out). Here is my starting procedure: Turn fuel on Pull out chock 2 blips of the throttle Find TDC and KICK WILL NOT START!!! I can pull the bike and get it started, and the bike will start on the first kick after it is warm. Anyone have a clue what could be the problem with cold starting the beast?
  6. No noticeable difference in performance, but maintanence is MUCH easier. Worth the price to me.
  7. YZRacer

    Texas Riders McAfee MX

    If you are in the DFW area and have not tried McAfee MX, you are missing a fun track. We gave McAfee MX a try this weekend, both Saturday AND Sunday. Fun track, worth the drive. The owner, Mark McAfee his a good guy, new to the sport, but a good guy. He listens to his customers and takes care of their concerns. When I saw a problem he got right on is loader and fixed it. The track has a sprinkler system and the soil condition is a mix of red clay and sand, man you can ROOST out of the corners. Track has tabletops, step down doubles, a rythem section, a few small easy doubles and a triple. There is one REALLY fun section of the track. Right near were everyone parks is a 35 to 40 foot tabletop to a 40 to 45 foot tabletop to a step-up, REALLY fun section. Go give this track a try. Open practice every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 9 to dark. Website is: http://mcafeecompany.tripod.com/
  8. Saw the Lawdog post on his trip to Cycle Ranch and thought I would give everyone my 2 cents worth on Cycle Ranch and Three Palms. Oh by the way James, good post!! Well I am lucky that I get to travel some and I have two large projects in the Houston area. I have ridin Three Palms at least ten times and just love it. On the main track, the soil is a sand loam mix and two of the four tracks have a complete sprinkler system. The main track is wide and fast. The jumps are Vet friendly with mostly stepup - stepdown triples and one 110' GUAD that is a blast. They have recently made changes to the track that added the Quad and a few other jumps and they also added 95 truck loads of sand/loam. One of the most fun sections of the main track is jumps 8, 9 and 10. Jump 8 is a turning 25' tabletop that lets you jump while turning in the air, FUN JUMP. After you land from jump 8 you have 20 or so yards to jump 9 that is a 65' stepup/stepdown triple. After you land from jump 9 you have a 50 yard straight to a sweeping right hand turn with three different lines to a 25 yard straight to a 180 degree left turn to jump 10 which is a fun step down double. Excellent track and facilities. If you have not tried Three Palms you are missing a GREAT track. I have only been to Cycle Ranch once, but a group of us are going back next month and I can't wait. I love that track, best in Texas HANDS DOWN. I have been to Swan, Whitney, Nocona, Three Palms, you name it, and Cycle Ranch is the best. Great facilities!! Bike wash, hot showers on site, good food, and covered meeting space. I can't say enough about Cycle Ranch, EXCELLENT soil, FUN FUN FUN jumps and turns, and James I love the same section you did, jumps 7, 8, 9 and that big table number 10 are a blast. The finish line is a ton of fun also. If I were to rate the two, Cycle Ranch would be my number 1, with Three Palms right behind it. Go try both tracks, you will not be disappointed.
  9. YZRacer

    Wanted muffler for 04 CRF 450

    I have a stock 04 muffler that I will sell you for $100, plus shipping.
  10. YZRacer

    Hot CRF 450

    As all the riders here in Texas will tell you, IT GETS HOT. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with Engine Ice or Wetter Water to help cool the CRF 450? I have a 04 CRF 450 and the other day at Mosier Valley the air temp was around 94 with about 60 percent humidity, and man the bike felt REALLY hot after each practice session. I checked a friends 03 450, and his was just as hot. Will Engine Ice or Wetter Water help, or are they just a waste of money?
  11. YZRacer

    CRF Manual Now On Line for Download

    What have a done wrong. I THOUGHT I downloaded the file, but it has never shown up on my screen. It said the download was "Done". HELP!!!!
  12. YZRacer

    04 CRF450R Transmission Problems

    Thanks. My local dealer (Plano Honda) has been very good about this. They have contacted the Regional Honda Rep. so he can look at what happen. I'll keep you posted on the results. MAJOR BUCKS TO REPAIR.
  13. I have had my 04 CRF450R since November of 03 and have only had to replace the clutch (learning curve from a 2 stroke). However, Sunday I lost a big part of the transmission. After taking the thing apart I found the crankcase was full of broken teeth..........to make a long story short, out of 10 gears, 4 are ok, all three shifting forks are bad (one actually broken) , i think all the bearings are ok (after cleaning) except for one. Has anyone else had this kind of MAJOR problems with the 04? I am a vet rider, and take very good care of my equipment. I just don't understand how this could happen to a fairly new bike.
  14. YZRacer

    Storm Cycles

    I too had a very good purchase from Storm. My order was to me quickly.
  15. YZRacer

    Pipe Guard for 04 CRF 450

    I saw a CRF 450 with the pipe guard painted Honda Red the other day, does anyone know if that painted pipe guard can be purchased or was it painted by the Owner of the CRF? If it was painted by the Owner, what type of paint was used? Let me tell ya, that pipe guard looked COOL.