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    Love working on and riding any dirt bike. Ride all over Washington and hope to get to Oregon and Idaho.
  1. Dirt Ready

    When to rebuild 2 stroke top end?

    Just a little data from my 2014 KTM 200 xcw. I bought it Nov 2015 with 26 hours on it. Before I rode it I did a tear down for complete work over. A compression test showed 200 psi. Now in October 2018 the bike has 311 hours and the compression test is 170. Still runs good but I have noticed that it is a little off through the whole power range. Most of my riding is single track woods riding in the pacific NW. Never raced. Probly do the piston/ring very soon. And always run 60/1 Motorex fuel mix. Hope this helpful for some one.
  2. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    TTR Spokes......I bought a set of spokes for my TTR 230 and ended up using 9 of the 36. I would like to sell 1, 2, 5, 10, 18 what ever you need. See my previous post and let's get you fixed up. You can directly email me at bikenut350@aol.com
  3. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    Does anyone have any extra spokes that they would consider selling?? I just checked my sons bike and he has one snapped spoke. If anyone can help, I'd like to buy a few (or just one) Please let me know. Jesse Yes, Jesse, I have spokes. I bought a set of 36 spokes for my ttr 230. I worked over all the rear spokes beacuse two had broken and all the rest were sooo tight. I removed every spoke and lubed the threads. Found 9 total that needed to be replaced. So I bought the set. I can sell one or half a set. Above, on July 5 I wrote that I would sell half the set for 36 plus envelope and postage. If you like one, how about 4 bucks plus stamp, If you would like 3 say 10 bucks plus two stamps. The left side spokes are all the same. The Right side has two types, inners and outers. What would you like to do???
  4. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    I recently bought the TTR 230 and a friend riding behind me noticed the rear wheel wobbling. So, I was working on truing and minimizing the out-of-roundness but right away I found that it was much easier to round off the nipple nuts than it was to get the nuts to turn. Then one broke then another..... with the new spokes and the others freed up and lubed; the wheel is straight. Any one interested in half the set of TTR 230 rear wheel spokes of 36$ plus envelope, stamps, sent certified mail??? See email above dated July 2
  5. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    TTR Rear Spokes, Got the set for 72$. I replaced the 10 broken ones. I checked all the others. Removed and lubed the other 26. I would not mind sharing half of the set with some one for cost of the set and a couple bucks for stamps and an envelope and mailed out certified. The set came with 18 left-side spokes, 9 inner and 9 outer for the right side. They sure were nice threading in the new ones. The factory must have use Red Loctite on them.
  6. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    After working on this TTR rear wheel spokes, I now have 8 broken spokes. Probly better go for the full replacement. I may find that I only need half the order then in that case I will see if some one else would like the other half.
  7. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    Best idea for this bike seems to be a complete spoke replacement. spoke sets can be purchase at local shop or on online. Some bike shops do sell individual spokes. Call around if you want to buy spokes individually. This bike was ridden hard in its first 400 miles of its life by the first owner but now it is my daughters and it will only see mild bumps and not air. So I am going for the individual buy and replace from a Kawasaki/KTM dealer if we can find the right size. Good luck all.
  8. Dirt Ready

    ttr 230 rear wheel

    Need Spokes Tooo. I heard of this problem so I started working my spokes over. Lube and worked each spoke loose and retightened, but broke 2. Any body have 4 to 10 spokes that they would like to get a few buck for. Let me know, email at: bikenut350@aol.com
  9. Dirt Ready

    TPS good, bad, or needs adjustment?

    My 08 YZF 250 had exactly the same problem. Went from a 42 to 45 pilot and played with the fuel air screw after I had disassembled the carb 2 or 3 time to clean all ports and passages. Works great now. With temp or altitude, I make 1/8 to 1/4 turn adjustments to my easy/longer/indexed fuel/air screw.
  10. Dirt Ready

    engine for xt 350

    Curious, was this a 428 size chain that broke on your bike???? I am flabbergast that Yamaha has put a 4000lb +,-, tensile strength chain on this little beast. Definately, if you use your 350 for dirt, upgrade the final drive to 520 size, 7000lb +,-. It took me some searching to find the specs on 520 spockets that fit. I do not have the info with me but could get it for you if you like.
  11. Dirt Ready

    Yamaha XT350 puzzling main bearing prob

    Thanks for all the feedback. I asked a West Bay Machine shop if they had any way to bore the out of round hole round again. They said something like, not having a way to center it or hold it. This is the first main bearing, power side, that I have seen let alone worked on and the Yam shop really kinda himmed and hawwed about it also, just said to replace it. I have been able to determine that this ring has three radial ears or tabs on it which contains it between the inner wall and the outer wall of the case. It can not be replaced. My Boeing Engineering B in Law said that the forces applied to this power train would make half way repair only temporary, hense, I already tried the locktite and shims. So, I agree with all of you, I am on the ebay looking for used cases in good condition. Thanks for you help. I hope to be around a little more often. There are some good info being passed around on these threads and maybe i will be able to provide some help also. One idea I have is demo'ing how to make your own visor hyper opics insert using a piece of Lexan(polycorbonate) and 3M dble sticky tape. Best to you all.
  12. Dirt Ready

    Yamaha XT350 puzzling main bearing prob

    Thanks for the wisdom. New to this thing. What Forum would be the right one. What is a Forum.
  13. Dirt Ready

    metal shavings in engine oil!

    With in the last 6 months I have bought a 96 XT350 and a 98 XT350, Yamaha. Both show a concerning amout of fine, Non Magnetic, particals and a bit of black specs as well. It is not main bearings, They are steeland therefore will stick to a magnet. One of my XT's has had the top rebuilt. Still the filter screen has non ferrous metal and black specs on it. Clutch fabric plates is my guess. Yamaha shop guessed the same. My 96 Suzuki DR has nothing of the kind on it, clean. I also puchased an XT spare side cover and the filter recess had 1/2 a teaspoon of this grit in it. Could send it in to have it analyzed for about 20 bucks, along with some oil. good thing is, the filter seems to catch it and I feel better when I rince the screen filter after each ride and change oil after 400 or 500 miles.
  14. Right side main crank bearing fits perfectly in a steal outer ring. The outer ring seems to be cast into the right side case. Problem: this ring rotates about 30 degree, back and forth, and moves up and down, in the direction of piston travel a total of 0.018". This is bad Right? The engine runs great but has a tapping or banging noise. I bought this bike this way, my bad, it is a 96XT350 with 10Kmiles. It also needed piston, rings, pin, bore and valves lapped. Can I replace the right side case only? If I only replace the right side, what would be the biggest problem; leak oil???? Will the tramsmission all fit together properly? Has ANY one had a problem like this?
  15. Dirt Ready

    oops striped oil filter cover bolt

    I to, stripped this bolt, Drilled and tapped for a 7mm, hard to find bolt. the bolt wa a bit long. I just cut it to the length of the stripped bolt and groomed the end a bit. Wala, Perfect.