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  1. CBDaddy

    Decal edges

    What have people found to be the best adhesive for re-attaching peeling graphic edges? A couple of people mentioned superglue?
  2. CBDaddy

    Top end time?

    Automatic top end (minimum piston) on anything that old. Especially with chunks in the oil. . .
  3. CBDaddy

    Wiseco Piston Kit

    Went together perfectly. I love the permanent skirt coating. Stayed with stock compression ratio - 13.5:1. Freshened up the engine - stopped the slight puff of smoke that I noticed on the stock piston after 50 hours.
  4. CBDaddy

    KTM 350 SX-F (2011)


    Best bike I've ever owned. Perfect power - great balance between a 250 and a 450. Pretty much stock with the exception of a new Wiseco piston after 50 hours.
  5. CBDaddy

    KTM 350 SX-F 2011

    Best bike I've ever owned. Perfect power - great balance between a 250 and a 450. Pretty much stock with the exception of a new Wiseco piston after 50 hours.
  6. CBDaddy

    2012 250 SXF - Won't start

    I had a similar thing happen on my 2011 350SX-F when it only had 90 minutes on the engine. When the bike fell over, it lost oil pressure that feeds the cam chain tensioner. As a result, the tensioner loosened up momentarily and the chain skipped timing on the cams. I replaced the stock oil fed tensioner with a Dirt Tricks tensioner. Haven't had another problem in 50 hours of riding. Long story short, pop off the valve cover and check the timing before you do much else.
  7. 2009 RMZ250 in immaculate condition. Ridden by a novice rider (never beats on it) Always started on 1st/2nd kick with choke and 2 wicks of the throttle. The bike died (sort of flamed out) on the last couple of rides. Now we can't get it started at all. I checked the valve clearance - perfect. Cleaned the pilot jet, main jet, and starter jet. Carb is immaculate. Changed the spark plug and get a good spark when checking it against the cylinder. Plenty of compression (felt in kick starter). Timing is right - verified dot locations on cams at TDC. Changed the fuel. Idle screw and fuel screw are set correctly. Verified last time it was running. Unplugged the TPS and tried - didn't do anything. It lets out a small backfire after about 10 kicks, but never comes close to starting. We finally got it to fire up with the help of a little WD40 in the airbox, although I'm not sure how that worked. The bike runs perfectly fine when it's running. It just won't start now. Any suggestions for what else to try?
  8. CBDaddy

    350 replacement piston kit

    Looks like several good options from Wiseco or ProX. Stock 13.5:1 or 14.5:1 if you want some zippp. The Wiseco will be skirt coated. http://www.wiseco.com/ProductSearch.aspx
  9. CBDaddy

    whats this noise?

    A problem with the tensioner could have led to your cam jumping tooth. The noise is a valve tapping the piston. Before you ride or even rev it up anymore, you need to pop off the gas tank and valve cover and check your cam timing. If you don't know how to do this, take it to a buddy or dealer that does. Otherwise you could bend/break a valve and then you are talking serious $$. When my 350 was brand new I laid it down slowly and the cam chain tensioner lost pressure and the chain came loose. When it did the intake cam advanced a tooth in the the 60 seconds it took me to start it up and get back to the truck. Fortunately the leak down was still good after I corrected the timing. Trust me. Check the timing. Your cam is off a tooth.
  10. Did you do a leak down test to make sure the valves are sealing and not hitting anything?
  11. CBDaddy

    2010-2011 250/350SXF mods

    I had the same issue on my 11 350. I got it to work by machining about 3mm off the nose of the tensioner. My guess is DirtTricks has this fixed by now, as I was on the phone with the owner and we confirmed the problem together. I would say it is not a problem for every 350 - it could be an issue with the stack up of tolerances on the head/casting.
  12. I have an '11. What is the easiest way to get the 2012 mapping? Call the dealer? Will they know what they are doing?
  13. I've got about 15 hours on my 2011 KTM 350 SX-F. I like everything about the bike. I ride mostly woods and I'm an intermediate vet rider. After I ride for a good 30-45 minutes, I can't tell but I think I might be hearing a slight increase in engine noise. It is so subtle that I can't tell if I'm imagining it or if I'm really hearing something. It is definitely nice and quite for the first part of the ride, but usually after I take my first break and the bike is good and hot, I can't tell if I'm hearing something or not. Anyone experience something similar or have any ideas? I give it about a 75% chance that it's in my head, but I really can't tell.
  14. Alright - I'm back running again. Just to catch everyone up, I laid the bike down in a slow speed spin out and stalled the engine. When I got it running again, I had a bad slapping noise and noticable chatter from the tope end. I suspected a faulty cam chain tensionor. I installed the Dirt Tricks CCT today, and the slapping noise was gone of course, but I still had a NOTICABLE tick in the top end. I figured it must be the timing, so with only 90 minutes on my brand new bike, I cracked open the valve cover to check the timing on the cams. Sure enough the intake cam was advanced one tooth. Without much effort, I rotated it back a tooth and buttoned everything back up. Runs as good as gold now. My only worry is if/did a valve bend from the intake cam being advanced a tooth? I am surprised it could tap the piston by only being off one tooth, but it definately was making a tapping noise. Does anyone else have a similar experience? One other thing that seemed strange is when I installed the Dirt Trick CCT, it seemed to bottom out on the cam chain guide before I tightened the nut up all the way. It's like the plunger was sticking out about .060" too far because it did not ratchet forward at all when I put the spring in. It worries me a little that I could have too much tension on the cam chain??