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  1. Do you have any of the Yamaha manuals, i.e., WR or YZFs?
  2. vantolr

    Mio 2010?

    Good ride.....fun times.
  3. vantolr

    northern michigan color

    Hey Brian....I'm in Thompsonville (Crystal Mountain) this week for business. It's beginning to turn....probably about 60% of full color. Not full color, yet, but real close. This weekend will be good. On the way up (M-115), there were some excellent sections. All of this, naturally, is best viewed from the perspective of a dirtbike.
  4. vantolr

    Kzoo and Yzman's excellent Colorado Adventure

    Alright, who's going for the next Michigan delegation to Colorado? That looks awesome, man. Very jealous!
  5. vantolr

    09 WR250...More Power?!?!?!

    In addition to the mods. you've already done, I found that the accelerator pump, JD kit, higher compression piston and keeping the valves in spec. have all kept my 2003 running like a champ.
  6. vantolr

    Hunt Creek/Mio again this year?

    Is this ride a go? I need to know, so I can make sure there's an adequate salsa supply....
  7. vantolr

    Sunday near Rose City/Mio

    Thanks for the help with the trailer lights. Good ride, guys!
  8. vantolr

    Sunday near Rose City/Mio

    I might try to get up there tonight for the barley pops and Jose.....not sure, yet. If not, see everyone Sunday a.m.
  9. vantolr

    Tomahawk Trial riding, Mi Sept 4th or 5th

    Enjoy!~, Brad....you're missing out on the Salsa ride......I'll try to save some, but Jason and Brian are addicts.
  10. vantolr

    Sunday near Rose City/Mio

    Hunt Creek and Salsa baby!
  11. vantolr

    Sunday near Rose City/Mio

    I'm in. Looking forward to it. Oh, and since it's sort of a tradition and I've got a ton of tomatoes, the SALSA will be making a re-appearance........
  12. vantolr

    Michigan Memorial Day Weekend, Who's riding?

    Brad....yes, I'll meet you at Wilder Road at 7:00 a.m. Sounds like it's just you and I, along with some barley pops on ice for the post-ride festivities.
  13. vantolr

    Michigan Memorial Day Weekend, Who's riding?

    What do you prefer? Throwing your bike on my trailer, or putting my bike on your truck? Up to you.
  14. vantolr

    Michigan Memorial Day Weekend, Who's riding?

    I'm good to go. I'll be leaving the Bay City area around 7:00 ish if anyone want to try to carpool. I can bring a trailer, if needed, otherwise I'll just have the bike on the truck.