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  1. Recently has some head work done on my 07 EXC 450 and it appears that the seal between the the head and the head cover has blown out after 2 rides. I would like to fix this myself in order to ensure it is done correctly. I had a few questions about this project. First what is the best product to use. I realize it is probably mostly personal preference and have read alot about different options. Any proven winners/losers? Secondly when replacing this seal do the water pump o-rings and gasket need to be replaced. I do most of my own maintenance and I am confident I can complete this job but wondered how easy/difficult this job is. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  2. surf2snow

    High Desert Outlaw Rally 6/12/09

    If my bike is done I am in. Cutting it a little close but I will know more early next week. I really like these long rides. Start hydrating now.
  3. surf2snow

    Countershaft Seal Removal

    I use a seal puller that I got at Sears for $10.
  4. surf2snow

    Bike won't start after washing?

    check your battery connections.
  5. 13/50 for tractoring around the tight stuff. Stock KTM from sprocket since they seem to fit well and may be less wear and tear on the countershaft and its seal and shim. Stealth rear, they look pretty cool and last a long time. Mix in a Regina Chain and you are good to go.
  6. surf2snow

    Trail Etiquette- do your part.

    16. do not give up your secret spots to kooks
  7. surf2snow

    '05 450 EXC No Spark

    Check your battery connections. They can vibrate loose.
  8. surf2snow

    Pine Valley / McCain Valley / Corral Canyon Tues or Wed?

    I just checked the interactive radar map and it appears there is a nice little T-Storm Cell sitting in McCain Valley as of 3PM today. Check out this link. It really helps you nail down the location of rain/snow/tstorms. Zoom in to street level. http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/map/interactive/USCA1002?from=36hour_map_large&zoom=7&interactiveMapLayer=radar Tomorrow morning could be good at McCain. Wish I could make it.
  9. surf2snow

    Pine Valley / McCain Valley / Corral Canyon Tues or Wed?

    So how was the ride on Thursday? Appeared to be some weather in the area.
  10. surf2snow

    Pine Valley / McCain Valley / Corral Canyon Tues or Wed?

    If its happening early I may be interested.
  11. surf2snow


    Pretty solid roller here in San Diego also.
  12. surf2snow

    Rules For Riding - Words of Wisdom

    In one hour you can ride farther than you could walk in a day so make sure you are prepared. Tools, flat repair, basic survival supplies.
  13. surf2snow

    Klx 300

    On tight twisty trails you will be waiting for your buddies on larger bikes. In the desert your friends on larger bikes will be waiting for you...for awhile.
  14. surf2snow

    Kenda 770?

    I like the Kenda Washougal Sticky as a front tire for the soft/intermediate terrain. I just put on a Maxxis Desert IT front tire and like the Kenda better in the soft stuff. Did not appreciate the Kenda Washougal front tire enough until I tried something different. For the rear tire I like the Maxxis Desert IT or just the Maxxis IT. I hear hear the Maxxis SI is a good front tire.
  15. I currently run the Scotts stabilzer (over bar) on my 07 EXC 450 and was hoping to use the risers to go up about 10mm. The tower pin height already seems really high so I am not sure you can use these two items together. Any insight on this scenerio would be much appreciated.