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  1. Toast

    Putting the CRF 230L on a diet

    Best thread ever on weight reduction: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/590132-2007-crf230f-weight-loss-program/page-1?hl=exploringwa
  2. Toast

    Mountain bike gurus?

    if derailer is adjusted properly ghost shifting is usually stretched chain and worn cassette. With your size if you do a lot of descending and braking a worthy upgrade is to put a 203 mm disc up front. adapter is about $15 and discs start about $30. better cooling/ less wear hence less worn out pads which are about $22 a set. Dropper seatposts: are great if you ride steep terrain. Are they worth it? Only if they increase the fun factor. So, for me yes. Got a used Thompson working flawless so far. Reverb would be second choice and would not go cheaper than that. depending on fork, riding conditions etc. they are set at 15 - 30 % sag. I'm running 20%. I have a Devinci Troy and love it. Lock it out and do longer rides, open it up, lower seat on fly and descend. No pics ................. so, it never happened. poof!
  3. The 11:1 piston really works great with after market cam. Web cam-grind 92A is a good one. With stock cam you'll see really high pressures. Also, see the sharp edges sticking up on top of the cam from the valve cut? You don't want those there, even more so if you run stock cam. They'll act like glow plugs causing detonation. With some careful dremal and sand paper work decrease the surface area of the top of the piston as much as possible and make it as smooth as possible. Good luck!
  4. Toast

    Suspension set up for woods riding

    for woods you will want forks and shock revalved. For woods riding I like my bike to bottom out on about a 4 foot drop. It's also able to absorb the high speed hits. Track bikes don't bottom till about a 10 - 12 feet and they bounce off of high speed hits the trail bike would suck up. Have fun!
  5. solenoid for the starter makes the click. No click usually means dead battery or bad solenoid. Easiest check is a jump start.
  6. Toast

    crf150f air filter idea

    it has to be protected from the stuff flung off the front wheel.
  7. Toast

    I need a softer seat !

    I have the Guts seat foam. It's a bout as good as it gets, a huge improvement. Great product, recommend it.
  8. sounds like you're on the wrong top dead center. this should help: http://codewins.com/...valveclearance/
  9. Been using a BBR rev box for years with 92a cam. No problems until my son tried to run it under water. So, if you're going to run your bike under water then don't get the BBR rev box.
  10. Toast

    Everyone Check this stuff out!

    Good catch! A quart of bottom coat is $57 and the top coat is $100. ugh.
  11. Toast

    Everyone Check this stuff out!

    I'm curious about the longevity of this stuff. When they dip the bolts in the gunk, how would it do with 10,000 cycles or 1 million cycles? Also, how does it deal with heat and UV. Looks like you can get some for $35: http://www.google.com/search?q=ultra+everdry&oq=ultra+everdry&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#q=ultra+everdry&hl=en&source=univ&tbm=shop&tbo=u&sa=X&ei=tosgUY79IIHViwK5vYDIBA&ved=0CF8Qsxg&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&bvm=bv.42661473,d.cGE&fp=ae6c6740b864a1a6&biw=1920&bih=979
  12. Toast

    Oregon Millican Shooting Range

    Any TT'ers been there? http://cosa.netgarage.net/ I would love to combine dirtbiking and long range shooting since it's 400 plus miles round trip for me. Any tips, advice is appreciated or just share your experience there.
  13. Toast

    Everyone Check this stuff out!

    You wont need toilet paper anymore!
  14. Toast

    Picked up a new commuter bike!

    Nice bike Ryan! should be a lot of fun. Hey my commuter is lighter: Yours is faster. I save about $9 a day not driving my truck to work but I have to shower when I get there.
  15. Toast

    popping on de-acceleration

    What altitude are you at? Is the bike warm/hot when this is happening? It could be fat popping if doing it when hot. Turn the fuel screw in 1/2 a turn and see if it decreases. Good luck!