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  1. dmac1

    EXC-F 450 Riding at the track

    Yep...they are heavy. Good dual sport bikes...although we used to ride our 2006 450 EXCs everywhere, including technical trails, before we got our 300s.
  2. Were you in the trees/brush? Thats tough for YT to handle when you get some speed going. What quality did you render/send to YT and is that quality available on YT when you click the gear? It takes YT a while to finish processing, so maybe you were just seeing an initial SD version.
  3. dmac1

    YouTube Channel Swap

    Yep....I tried it a couple weeks back. Didn't work for me either at that point. Heres something interesting...my most recent vid was uploaded in 4k and when I reviewed the upload on my main computer, its VP09. Later, I was gonna email it to a friend so I pulled it up on my old XP laptop and the colors were washed out and I was like, wtf? So I checked and the codec is AVC1 and the highest resolution is 1080. But when I looked again on my main computer, its VP09. So, somehow, YT has 2 versions...and directs certain machines to the avc1 version. Anybody else experience that?
  4. dmac1

    Riding Video Editing Software?

    +1! I started with some others, but prefer DR.
  5. I got one going on 2 years ago (2012 Beta Evo 300), at least partly so I can ride in my yard and not bug my neighbors. I've created some stuff to ride over and have driven local county roads searching for roadside rocks the graders have turned up so I can incorporate them into obstacles. I've got a long ways to go before I'm any good, but one thing we all can do is practice trackstands. My practicing that on my trials bike resulted in me, surprisingly, trackstanding my KTM 300 XC a couple times in technical terrain. Felt awesome!! Practice does pay off!!
  6. dmac1

    STOP making BORING motovlogs

    I agree. I used to always just shoot in auto, but on one trip (nearly the same ride as my 4k White Wash post in this thread) the colors came out terrible (in the sun it was like the camera was sooo overwhelmed with all the red that it went off the chart weird on color shifts) so I started searching for better results. My 4k vid has accurate colors and was pretty easy...I spent a ton of time on the effed up one and it still didn't look great even with tons of adjustment nodes in each clip fading this one in, this one out, etc. I learned alot trying! So, depending upon your source material, I think you can spend alot of time color grading, but some simple steps that might help are more contrast and saturation (which looks like is at least part of what was done to the above). I'm far from an expert, but experiment with white balance and ISO settings on your camera, and shoot flat color. I currently slightly underexpose footage and have sharpen on low and bring out the details in post. I get enjoyment out of trying to make the best vid I can. Unfortunately, YouTube doesn't reward us for that effort cuz they prefer lotsa channel views, reactions, etc so they can, apparently, sell more advertising, but it is what it is. Not much us little channels can do except enjoy the fruits of our labors....and hopefully our viewers will enjoy the vids too.
  7. Thanks Chris! Thats from an H5B with protune on.
  8. Have made an improvement to take my channel to 4k. Below is one of my latest....so far, I've got 3 vids at 4k. I'd love to hear what all you guys think...but especially if you watch it on a big screen like a TV cuz that'll show issues other devices won't. As I see it, there are 2 quality issues when viewed on a big screen: 1 - picture quality - shooting in 4k is problematic, and all of my 4k vids so far have been shot in 1080. Does it look crappy on a big screen? 2 - stabilization - on a small screen, picture bounce can be minimal, but take that same vid to a big screen and, if the viewer is close, the bounce can be too much for a viewers eyes to easily track. Hows it look? Hope you enjoy!
  9. dmac1

    Discounted dirtbike gear

  10. I do....sometimes...for parts and accessories. There are occasions when you are going to want a part RIGHT NOW and if no one ever goes to a local shop to get them, they will cease to exist. The people that work there live in your community/region so your patronage helps in that regard too. I don't buy alot there, but once (if!) you find a decent one, and have established a relationship, if they haven't offered, ask em about a discount due to your repeated business. Some shops will, some won't. Likely we all have stories of shoddy dealerships. My worst was my used 95 Silverado pickup. I was assured they did a pre-purchase inspection, but I told em I wanted my guy to look at it. They said ok, and he did. Needed lower ball joints, 4x4 wasn't working, some other stuff. I take it back, they make me wait forever while they pull it into the shop...they finally come out, tell me the ball joints are fine. I'm like, show me! I go back with service mgr and the mechanic does the test wrong, but says see, they're fine! I say, well, thats not how you do it...I repositioned the jack, levered the tire, and it wiggled and proved they were bad. The service manager looked at me sheepishly and said, we're not only going to replace your lower ball joints, we're going to replace the uppers too. I was like, ok! 🙂 He'd obviously been forced by sales to BS me and to try to get me to buy the truck 'as is' at their price. A little later, back in the waiting room, the sales guy came over and said, you know, you don't have to buy that truck. I was like, we have a signed agreement and I want that truck! They fixed it...took forever...and I still have it almost 20 years later! But I've NEVER been back to that dealership.
  11. Your post per year count is pretty low! LOL Prolly cuz you've been out RIDING!! Yeah...don't hold your breath on the vids! Eventually, hopefully! Lots to learn!! Hey...we just went past midnight...Happy New Year to all us party hounds posting on here tonight! 🙂
  12. Well...I've got some experimentin to do! Gonna start with walking and see what it does. It wasn't purchased as a follow me drone, but DJI says it will. Max speed of like 22, so slow, technical, open terrain would seem to be acceptable. I really know very little about it...just flew yesterday for first time. Sounds like I might get some use out of the 'insurance'. For about $100, if you crash they'll sell you a new one for like $80. Then another for like $130. You get 2 in a year. The prices are ballpark.
  13. Hmm...ya wouldn't think there'd be interference out there in the waterfall vid.... I bought the 'insurance' plan...figure as a new pilot, theres gonna be some incidents and a couple cheap replacements might be needed. That first vid was great! Looks like a Mavic Pro from the crash. Did you guys try to have it follow ya? Not at warp speed, just though some slower terrain like the speed the guy was riding along the ridge?
  14. Hey! When did you migrate over here?? I got a Mavic Pro for Christmas...got some learning to do. Did a couple flights yesterday...one was at night...thats pretty challenging for a noob! Will be interesting to see how well it follows. I can imagine that drab gear hinders its ability...fortunately, our gear is colorful! If its not great, we'll be sessioning some stuff and I'll be piloting. Either way, should be fun!