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  1. Redryder1

    Does my chain & sprocket need to be replaced?

    So i see after posting it's a VX2 x-ring clean and lube it with Motul off road, P.S. my 2009 KTM 690 enduro has the factory chain and spockets with 18000 Kilometers on it, and still good.
  2. Redryder1

    Does my chain & sprocket need to be replaced?

    The rear sprocket doesn't look bad, if it's a non O-ring and pulls away from the sprocket @ 3 o-clock just replace the chain, also what's the front look like? if the same as rear chain only, and when you do replace everything go with an X-ring or O-ring and steel rear sprocket, check out Rocky Mountain MC out of Payson Utah, they have great selection and prices. Another way to check the chain is to take off and lay flat on the concrete and see how much it arches if it gets to a half circle it's done.
  3. Redryder1

    2001 RM 250 part out

    Bike looks decent, so what's wrong with it??
  4. Redryder1

    PW 50 Service Manual or Kickstart Replacement Guide

    Too see if it's siezed just remove left cover and turn the fly wheel, if that's good most likely a broken spring easy-peasy
  5. Redryder1

    XR600R vs DRZ400S

    Well I personally have owned both of these bikes, the XR is heavier but not by much and a couple hp less it's a great reliable bike excellent for open areas and hard conditions, my '99 DRZ-400e which is the enduro model headlight and tail light only is far more superior as it is 255 dry liquid cooled and 50 hp has e-start and kick. This ride is a great bush bike and single track ride, back in 2000 my son raced my DRZ in his intermediate open 4 stroke race managed to do a 120 foot triple and got 3rd place, not XR territory. I now ride a 690 enduro-r and 500 exc
  6. Redryder1

    Putting the bike away for winter

    Lots of mixed reactions, but the choice that works for me is park it with a full tank premium high test, never use ethanol based fuel in your bikes, sleds, mower or saw. Drain the carb and park it.
  7. Redryder1

    Suzuki DRZ400SM fork yokes

    These are Suzuki part #'s you can also check out Ride Engineering out of the USA as they carry aftermarket triples.
  8. Redryder1

    Suzuki DRZ400SM fork yokes

    2006 DR-Z400SM lower triple clamp# 51410-29F70, upper triple clamp # 51311-29F70. When I had my 2009 DR-Z400E it had a tapered fork, smaller at the top clamp
  9. Redryder1

    What did I do wrong?

    Well when you cleaned it with brake parts cleaner did you apply some motor oil to the cylinder, pin bearings etc? Because it does look like a 4 corner seizure, and was you first premix tank full richer for break-in? like 20:1 to 35:1?
  10. I've been riding/racing since 1971, and have ridden them all pretty much, 95% of my riding is dirt. My perfect bike had to have a light, so an enduro bike of course. So Bultaco's, Can-Am's, Honda's were my diet and so found the Honda XR's from 1981 up to be the better but were heavy, these XR's lasted for years and were low maintenance in 1999 tried my luck out on a DRZ400 and found it to be awesome, not as heavy as an XR500, but more HP, liquid cooled and e-start. As the years went on and you get older, shedding a few pounds became evident, off the bike not me lol, So I now own two KTM's crazy right? Not so, my desert ride is a 690 enduro-r, 304 lbs dry, 68 hp, efi, e-start and has 18000 km's on it and is still stock, adjusted the valves for the first time at 15000 km's, second bike which is my Alberta single track bike is a '15 500 exc and love it 245 lbs both e-start and kick and has 1600 km's on it never adjusted anything on it yet, will check valve clearance this winter. I find these two KTM's to be excellent choices race ready out of the box and plated, the key thing to remember is that regular maintenance is key, not extensive but as simple as regular synthetic oil changes, clean and oiled air filter and during the off season re-grease all swing arm and linkage bearings and check wheel bearings. Happy trails!
  11. Redryder1

    Tips to selling a dirtbike?

    Yep I too agree, price is way too high, that bike in excellent shape, new tires is $1800. to $2000 CAD, which is around $1500. USD
  12. Redryder1

    Suzuki DR-Z 400 E engine oil

    All approved m/c oil is fine, depending on your pocket book, semi-syn is better and full-syn is the best, example my sons 2009 YZ450F which he has raced until 2016 was running Motul 10w40 4T which was changed after every weekend, I tore the engine down for a rebuild, new crank, piston and rings, head check and everything was to spec even the factory x-hatch in the cylinder, that said this was the first teardown since we owned the bike and yes it is rebuilt now just because.
  13. Redryder1

    Knicked piston skirt

    if you're a junior run it, if not change it a 70$ piston is cheaper than a cylinder, trust me mistakes can be costly.
  14. Redryder1

    ISO 2000 ktm 300 exc bottom end kit

    Did you try a KTM dealer? I found the parts on Babbittsonlineparts.com and at pentonpartsusa.com
  15. Redryder1

    DDS clutch drag

    maybe try a piston rebuild kit on the handlebar