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    88 miles of snow and fun!

    Uh..eerrrr. ooohh. Hmmmmmmmm. Pete, Gotta be straight with you. I am moving to Maine and all the winter riding is ilegal for ATV's. I am still going to ride them. Not all the riding is legal in NH either. I do understand where the sled owners are comming from. I try to ride around their best days and times. I don't ride during the day or weekends. I don't ride after fresh snow. I ride when conditions and time permit. When trails are frozen solid are the only times I ride. I don't condone my activities, but I am not willing to buy a sled or sit on the couch all winter. I will, however, promise to NEVER winter ride in Canada. Sorry to dissapiont you Pete. I hope we can still go riding sometime. Mike
  2. *mike68*

    88 miles of snow and fun!

    Math, I always run studs. They open the door for much better wheelies, hook up, cornering and flat out ripping speeds. The winter riding I've been doing is guarnteed to be faster than dirt. Not on the holeshot, but maintained speeds and in some cases even cornering. MCARP, Nice to hear from you. A little bird told me you sold the WR for a asphalt rig. This true??
  3. *mike68*


    Lets do it! I rode 88 miles Friday night, it was great, but with this warm weather, the winter riding is all done. You have a month before it will be worth while so get to work. I am a sub contractor so if you need a hand....... Mike
  4. *mike68*

    88 miles of snow and fun!

    mdr001, It is nice to hear someone feels the same about winter riding. I don't wait for the trails to close, I poach them in the evening instead. It's a wild ride and I wish more people around me did it. Indy, Nothing wrong with -40 . Brrrrrrrrrrr
  5. *mike68*

    WR450 vs WR426

    Jim bo, I wouldn't even worry about it. I have an 01 426 and railing corners isn't an issue. You just have to be in good riding posture and position on the bike. Anyway, my point it this, whatever you get you will get used to it and making it rip won't be an issue. 10%bike-90%rider. I wouldn't put too much weight into magazine articles here. The 450 is a good purchase. Get it! Mike
  6. *mike68*

    88 miles of snow and fun!

    It was warm last night, 15degF. I wear thermal underwear under all my regular riding gear, a winter coat, regular riding gloves and a neck warmer. I was very warm and sweating at times. Past winter I did 400 miles of winter riding, the year before 700, and this year a skimpy 300. This year was the year to breal 1000, but I didn't have the time. I'll have to make it up this summer. Mike
  7. *mike68*

    88 miles of snow and fun!

    Rode from 730 till midnight and covered 88 miles of snomobile trails. It was unbelievable. You could do anything you want. Wheelies, jumps and rail corners. I am a little sore today, but it was worth it. I was gonna post last night when for you west coast guys, but I fell asleep in the dog bed while petting the dogs. Mike
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    Not good,....
  9. *mike68*

    Maine riders wanted

    Where are you in NH? I just moved up from Londonderry a few months ago. I used to frequent NEDB in the past.
  10. *mike68*

    Maine riders wanted

    Any of you Maine hicks ride anything besides 4 wheelers?/? Moving in to my new home in southern Maine the 21st of this month. Need some people who have a semi-serious (meaning ride prepared and sober) attitude and want to go out and ride. Anywhere from 30 to 100+ mile rides are good for the soul. Winter rides are awsome too. Did 60 miles last night. Much faster than on dirt. Lets ride. Mike
  11. *mike68*


    Anyone from Maine??? I am buying a house in Standish Maine. Looking for people to ride with. Winter riding as well. Did 60 miles last night. The trails were very fast. Mike
  12. *mike68*

    Riding Maine

    Haven't been here in 2 yrs. Things have changed. Hello Bill. Ride this am and it was awsome. Anyone in Southern Maine want to ride>> Mike
  13. Me and a buddy will be driving down. Let the roosting begin .......
  14. *mike68*

    Bill, it's me, *mike68*

    I tried to send you a private message but you box was full. These guys must be whining and bitching up a storm . Shuddup and ride . I need you to leave me your phone number when you call. I lost the "H" page from the book.
  15. *mike68*

    Welding Kick Start Lever

    I wouldn't mess with it. Those kickstarts look cast to me. It would be tought to maintain its strength. It can be done, but there are very few people that can do it properly. Be careful, there are many people who think they can.