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  1. christopher43

    never oil your filter again!!!!

    im waiting on some results
  2. christopher43

    Loretta Lynn time again

    photos in motion - web site is - http://www.wrennest.net/ or go to http://www.southernwoodsrider.com/ and you can find their link there
  3. 3 eye bolts in floor for rear tire,one between rear tires and one on outside of both rear tires-small strong bungees from eyes thru rear wheels to keep rear from bouncing-up front do as others say with bungees between the hooks on ur straps to take up slack when they go slack as bike bounces. cost less than 10 bucks
  4. christopher43

    Fiberglass Bed Covers and MPG

    yes myth busters did it with two trucks that were the same,but it was tailgate up vs. down-one with up went farther by cant remember maybe 3 miles
  5. christopher43

    unabiker radiator guards

    i bought a set off ebay,could someone post a pic of theirs so i can figure out how to install,and why is one of the holes on the 90 degree bend side larger than the others? it looks to me like i need to drill these holes on the 90 degree bend side slightly larger to fit the steel insert that passes thru the rubber bushings that are attatched to the radiators.
  6. christopher43

    Mini Toyhaulers?

    i like this one but its 20,000+ http://basecamp.airstream.com/
  7. christopher43

    Durelle seat?

    i'm about to go with the Durelle seat, has anyone tried both the gel and plain foam seats? i hate to spend the extra money for the gel if its not that much better
  8. christopher43

    DB readings for stock exhaust?

    mine was 89dbs last week,stock bike with no mods and insert in
  9. christopher43

    lorretta lynn's

  10. christopher43

    lorretta lynn's

    anyone remember the name of the website to view the pics of this past ride?
  11. christopher43

    Sad News!!!!

    god speed Robert,you will be missed
  12. christopher43

    countershaft sprocket shim?

    good info as i bought the bike without a owners manual and haven't got the service book yet. Is the o-ring what most riders are using?
  13. christopher43

    countershaft sprocket shim?

    new owner of a 250x-when installing a o-ring chain do i need to shim the sprocket out like on the 450r?
  14. christopher43

    Got promoted...

  15. christopher43

    Why can't we solve restarting problem

    thats my main prob- dropped it in the whoops and with the back tire on a whoop and the front on a differant whoop i couldnt find nuetral-wanted to push it off that section but the traffic going by it was impossible,whyt dont the four strokes like to start in gear?