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  1. jazzbrother

    What handguards are you using?

    I use the Moose guards. I got the ones for fat bars but the clamps don't fit the Maguro's very well. There might be a different set for the Maguro's, I dunno. I like the guards but it would be nice if the clamps fit properly.
  2. jazzbrother

    Quick DRZ-400 Parts Question...

    Beauty. Thanks!!!
  3. jazzbrother

    Quick DRZ-400 Parts Question...

    Roughly how much does the radiator fluid overflow reservor cost? A friend and I swapped bikes today (his is the DRZ) and I put a branch through it. Now I need to replace it. It SHOULD cost about $40 max cuz it's just an injection-molded piece of plastic. Somehow I suspect it'll be around $100.
  4. jazzbrother

    XR gone...

    I got $5,250 CDN (about $4,500 US?) for it. The bike didn't have that many hours on it, had a beautiful new Racetech suspension on it and a pumper carb. These mod's often don't realize any value but the guy I sold it to had ridden it, loved it and knew the value was there - beautiful bike in very good condition. Only about 30 hrs total cuz I got the KTM the beginning of this year. It was an '03 that I got at the end of that year. I just needed more power. Yes, the kickstand on the KTM is crap. Yes, I will miss the XR. I just needed to make room for more/other bikes in the quiver!!!
  5. jazzbrother

    XR gone...

    Well, I sold my '03 XR400. Sorry to see it go cuz it's the bike that got me back into riding after about 25 years off and three kids later. It also got me onto TT and meeting some cool people who have been very, very helpful. Thanks to all of you. (I picked up a new 450EXC this spring and have been mostly riding that this season.) I'll be sure to direct the new owner to TT and this forum!
  6. jazzbrother

    Jetting/Gordons Mods help

    Same here. 800' asl. (That was before I switched to the Edelbrock.)
  7. jazzbrother

    What mods should I get for my '04 XR?

    Not if he didn't get you new springs he didn't. rsks is right. I did the Racetech suspension thing on my XR400 and it's a different bike. I asked the same quesiton as you here - hoping that exhaust was the big ticket. It's not. I did the Gordon Mod's - a must, smaller front sprocket, suspension and a pumper carb. All good mod's. Oh, and new rubber. (Then I got a KTM 450EXC. But also kept the XR.)
  8. jazzbrother

    Considering three bikes. . . .

    I have an XR400 and a 450EXC. mrscullini did a pretty good job. I ride exclusively trail (fairly tight with some more open spots - 3rd gear max though) but have MX'd in the distant past. You would never appreciate or use the XR for the track. If track is more than playing once a year or so do NOT get that bike, though it's bulletproof and virtually maintenance-free - something you won't get with the other two. The 450EXC is your happy medium of the three and is a superb trail bike. I ride that one almost exclusively now that I've got it. If you want to go 50/50 trail/track I wouldn't really hesitate to get the CRF450R. I've ridden one a couple times on the trail and it's a fair bit more work than the other two for obvious reasons. But the power is huge and that makes up for a lot in the grin department. You won't go all day on it though. But it is simply the ONLY bike of those you mentioned for the track. So, in summary - you can't really use the other two on the track, but you CAN use the CRF450R on the trail so it's your only choice imo.
  9. jazzbrother

    How to get stickers off...

    Thanks gang. Did the WD-40 thing with a little elbow grease. Seems to have worked. Cheers.
  10. a new bike? Just got a new (street) bike and the thing has these ridiculous warning and liability stickers all over it. Trying to get them off. The ones on plastic come off easy. The ones on the steel tank and aluminum frame (both painted) are a real bitch to get off. Any suggestions??? (I'd like to sue all of the lawyers for this. But then I'd need a lawyer...)
  11. jazzbrother

    Do you want a CRF450X?

    While we're updating this thread - I ended up going with a KTM 450EXC. Just had to try a different color than red I guess. Very nice ride.
  12. jazzbrother

    Can you use a 14 tooth sprocket w/stock chain?

    I think he's got an XR250 and going the other way. He is looking to go bigger on the front to get more top end speed.I went from 15 to 14 on my XR400 to get more low speed accel with no problem on the chain (ie - fit fine), but have no clue about the XR250 going the other way.
  13. jazzbrother

    Edelbrock Pumper Carb $$$?

    I got mine for - I think - $350 or $375 from Barnums last fall on sale. Of course by the time I paid taxes, import duty and all that crap... Yes, I like it. De-bogulates the bike just as advertised. Learn to hold your tongue right and it starts up much better too.
  14. jazzbrother

    Edelbrock Qwiksilver enrichening lever

    This was a very helpful post. Thanks Bass Mechanic! Works for me.
  15. jazzbrother

    Wanted: XR400

    I've got an '03 - very few km's - rode it last year and a couple times this year. I've put in close to $1K (CDN) between the Racetech suspension and Edelbrock carb. Great bike. Probably want more than you care to spend given its relative newness and recent mod's. (With the mod's I've put down around $7,300 - without tax or maintenance dollars). Haven't been looking to sell, but a street bike seems to be calling my name AND I have a 450EXC for off-road. I'm near Winnipeg.