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  1. 400 single

    drz 440 vs xj6

    With 60 bhp you'd give him a good run for his money
  2. 400 single

    drz 440 vs xj6

    +1 race him anyway:thumbsup:
  3. 400 single

    drz 440 vs xj6

    XJ6 all day long
  4. 400 single

    New engine oil question

  5. 400 single

    Hanging Rock 200, DRZ finishes,

    +1 well done to finish. I remember when i finished my first hare and hounds on the drz i was beaten but pleased to have used something a little different in a field of ktm's, wr's etc.
  6. 400 single

    Which Backpack?

    :thumbsup:i have a Kriega R35 also great bit of kit not cheap but well worth the money
  7. 400 single

    drz conversion to dirt helmet cam

    Done a few Hare and Hounds on mine bit heavy but coped well. Nice air well done
  8. 400 single

    Do you let the wife/girlfriend ride with?

    Not for me it would mean spending even more time with her:smirk:
  9. 400 single

    True Dual Purpose Tire Experience

    Continental is the brand tkc80 is the model:thumbsup:
  10. 400 single

    True Dual Purpose Tire Experience

    I would second the tkc 80's you will get a good few thousand miles from them. They grip well wet or dry on the road and offer reasonable performance on gravel and dry off road conditions. I have not used them yet on the drz as at the moment i run dot knobbly tyres, but for any long adventure type riding over mixed ground they would be my choice.
  11. 400 single

    carb solenoid

    You will probably not notice any difference. Re-jet, 3x3 mod and free flowing exhaust system will net you an improvement to start with.
  12. 400 single

    Best UK source for rear fender?

    This place also stocks a few bits for drz's they list having plastics no too sure if ufo or acerbis http://www.leisuretrail.co.uk/Home.htm
  13. 400 single

    Best UK source for rear fender?

    e bay are a good source of plastics http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/UFO-Rear-Fender-Suzuki-DRZ400-00-09-Yellow-/220459497426?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item335468f7d2
  14. 400 single

    What happens when boredom sets in!!!!!!

    Same here in the uk no stickers or paint allowed they say it weakens the shell and could possibly hide damage from previous impact.
  15. 400 single

    Who keeps the DRZ on a stand?

    +1 if any of my bikes are left for any length of time not being used i lift them off the ground. mx stand for the drz and paddock stands for the sports bike.