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    Hey guys, Bryan is still waiting for his service to increase the capacity of TT. Once that is done, he can work on restoring the site to it's usual functionality. You may get your old user ID back, maybe not. We should know by Friday. Bill ------------------ 99 WR400f 97 KDX220 (sons)
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    Thanks for a good weekend in PA, Bill!

    I couldn't stand it and had to re-register to post a reply. Kevin and Mike left in the middle of the night (3am) and went straight to the track (9 hour drive) to ride before coming to my house. Mike was ready to get back on the track after his first experience in April. I called the track to talk the owner about us coming up the next day and he said one guy was riding (mike) and the other (kevin) had been working on his bike all day. Apparently with the surgery and Kevin deciding to try the air screw instead of a air jet or whatever it is. He wasn't having much success with his bike. When they got to my house, mcarp (mike c) was already there and npuza (nick) was right behind them. Mike made his famous venison chili that we poored over angel hair pasta and washed it down with copious amounts of barley pop. Kevin started to work on his bike again and the next moring came early. The next day sbohanon (shawn) met us at Rausch Creek MXP. It was going good until nick decided to double a triple and cased the face of the triple. His ankle and shoulder got hammered but, it was the end of the day. Kevin worked on his bike again. We made him change back to a jetting configuration we all knew worked and he had better luck the next day. It never ran absolutly correct and is still a mystery to all of us. Day two saw a terrible forcast (possible flash floods and heavy thunderstorms) and we were unsure if we wanted to ride. We started to watch Time to Ride (best video I've ever seen) and after 15 minutes I couldn't stand not riding and we decided to take a chance. It turns out that it rained in the early morning and the tracion was good and no dust Since we got a late start we didn't see angry candy (steve) until the end of the day. We did hook up with hit-man (ken) and we had a good time. I flatted about an hour into the ride and Mike C flatted soon after. Once again Mike68 amazed us with his rding skill and climbed the impossible rock trail. I was happy to provide a place to stay for everyone and we'll be doing this again next year. Thanks to everyone for coming, see ya next year if not earlier wasBill ------------------ 99 WR400f 97 KDX220 (sons) [This message has been edited by wasBill (edited 06-20-2001).]