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  1. MasiveMoe

    Change in venu - FROSTBITE GP

    Tyler, I second that. But, you gotta settle down man. Save your aggression for the Frostbite. Not everyone has seen the effort that the NMA puts forth to give use our races, places to ride, legal rights, etc...There are quite a few people that are ignorant to the hours that a NMA volunteer puts in. Past and current members are use to the "wait" and appreciate everything when it all comes together. Later~Moe
  2. MasiveMoe

    2001 Yz250f Pegs Fit A Wr450 2003??

    Yup, I removed my Pro-Circuit pegs from my '01 yz 250 and put them on my '04 wr 450 when I bought it. No problem.... Later~Moe
  3. MasiveMoe

    Best suspension place in the Seattle area?

    Ok guys, Here's my 2 cents worth. If you are looking for an EXCELLENT off-road / harescrambles / enduro set-up, then DirtWorks in Tacoma is the only way to go. Don't believe me? Ask Jason Raines of factory off-road Yamaha. If you want a really good SX / MX set up, the Royce @ DeVol is an Excellent choice. Deal with Royce and request he is the only one to work on your bike. He will even invite you over to his private track to help dial your suspension in. If you are looking for someone to work on the "linkless" suspension systems that the KTMs use, I would try to contact local former factory KTM racer, Jason Dahners. Who, actually still races a KTMs from time to time. Personally, I have used Devol, TBT and DirtWorks. My money now goes to DirtWorks in Tacoma. Dick Dyer is the owner. This man even comes out to local races to evaluate your riding skill / style prior to doing your suspension. Later~Moe
  4. I second the vote for a Clarke. Mine's clear in color for off-road racing though. Fit and install is a breeze............
  5. MasiveMoe

    NMA membership

    Does anybody out there have any idea the amount of time it takes to process the NMA memberships? The NMA is solely and completely made up of volunteers. They are paid NOTHING to help preserve YOUR right to ride. I think it's lame to ask for your membership dues back, when in fact, a portion of all memberships go to the NMA funds to help keep you local riding areas open. Kinda like cutting your nose to spite your face. You want your membership cards sent out faster, maybe your next email to them can be to ask, "How can I be of help and volunteer my time?" My hat is off to the NMA and it's volunteers for preserving my right to ride! And for performing such a thankless job that seems to get nothing but criticism! Thank you NMA volunteers, Brian Lester NMA Member 1998-present Sniper Off-Road Race Team Coordinator
  6. MasiveMoe

    good suspension shops in the northwest????

    DirtWorks Suspension ( Dick Dyer) in Tacoma, WA. is the BEST!! Used by many top AA off road guys, including GNCC racer Jason Raines!!
  7. MasiveMoe

    Best soft terrian tire?

    S-12's all the way!!!
  8. MasiveMoe

    more stolen bikes

    DAMN!!! That's right around the corner from my house. I'll be keeping an eye out for those thieven' bastards!! Moe
  9. MasiveMoe

    White Knuckle Hare Scramble

  10. MasiveMoe

    White Knuckle Hare Scramble

    Thanks Brandon. i would do this again in a heartbeat for less money. You should of seen the crowd. They went nuts everytime they saw me. That race was a total blast, for myself and spectators. Moe
  11. MasiveMoe

    White Knuckle Hare Scramble

    Here's a few more pictures of the "Nastiest Wench" ever. Found them hidden on the internet.... Try not to laugh too hard people....I did win $300 bucks for this little "stunt". Moe
  12. MasiveMoe

    White Knuckle Hare Scramble

    that's too funny! Yeah, I won $300 bucks that year. And the title of the "NASTIEST WENCH". My outfit consisited of, MX boots, nylons, g-string thong, cheerleader skirt/halter top, MX gloves, helmet and goggles. That was it. It was freezing that morning, but after I went numb, I couldn't feel the cold. Oh ya, I finished 17th out of 34 in the Sportsman class that year. Not bad, beatting 50% of the class in a SKIRT!! Moe
  13. MasiveMoe

    White Knuckle Hare Scramble

    Correct. I talked with some of the Stumpjumper club members this last weekend @ Rimrock GP. They have confirmed that, this years WhiteKnuckle will be held at Pacific Raceways. This year it will be a 2 day event. C-classes, and Women in Saturdays AM race. The rest of the short course class on Saturday PM. And the long course pro classes on Sunday. Moe
  14. MasiveMoe

    Whos goin to Rimrock?

    Does anybody know who won the overall?? The NMA champion, :worthy:Kevin Bailey , was still in his pits when they threw the flag for the start of ALL the long course classes. AA class included. He left out his campsite, across the lake bed, stopped at the start, DNR checked spark arrestor & tabs, then he went around the island and started chasing down every rider in front of him. When the leader came back through the scoring station, after the completion of the first lap, Kevin was 3rd overall. AMAZING!!!! Just think where he would of been if he was on the line for the start. So, anyone know the winner of the 2004 Rimrock GP?
  15. MasiveMoe

    Whos goin to Rimrock?

    A "C" rider with 5 punches??? By definition, aren't "C " riders supposed top be 1st year riders? There were 4 "C" riders that were able to get in a 5th lap. The only other riders in short course to do this was the Senior EXPERT class, 2 or 3 Sportsman class riders, and the winner of 4-stroke AM. BTW, I finished 6th in 4-stroke AM, with 4 punches, 42 overall. But, 1st place NMA points competitor. Moe