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  1. He is doing riding schools and has this gig with MX South.... http://www.mxsouth.com/shae_bentley/
  2. I got asked by someone and I am at work, so I can look at my bike.... Can someone tell me where the negative battery cable connects on a stock WR450?
  3. Heywood

    WR400 won't run after sitting awhile

    Update - I found the problem I was having. Turned our to be a small piece of debris in the pilot jet. It took two tries before I got it. Starts great and idles just like she always had. I wish you didn't have to disassemble the whole bike to get to the carb.....
  4. Heywood

    LEMP Chaos

    Yea, we we should have bailed when we saw the crowd. My son is fine (he's a tough kid) and now I know better......
  5. Heywood

    LEMP Chaos

    Took my kids out to Lake Elsinore MX Park (LEMP) in SoCal Sunday. It is my youngest son's birthday (11 yrs old) and he wanted to go riding. He likes the front mini track on his pitster. The place was packed. I guess everyone was all fired up after the supercross. We got there late (around 1:00 pm). As usual for a Sunday, we saw the paramedics come 2 or 3 times in the 3 or so hours we were there. I can't believe the carnage that happens on a daily basis out there! I brought out a 1978 XR75 and I was riding with my son, it was really fun. I tried the pitster, but it is just too small for me (6'1" 260lbs). Later in the day, I was sitting at my van and my son was out on the track. I didn't see him come around for a couple laps. When I went looking, I saw some comotion and went to see if he was involved. Sure enough, it was my son! I was really mad at myself for not getting there sooner! Turns out some MORON landed on him over one of the jumps. I didn't see it happen, so I can only go by what my son and the flagger said. He said he was holding his line and BAM, he was down. He took a really hard shot to his arm and it was immediately black and blue. He also tweaked his wrist and had various road rash, etc. It broke the back fender and side plate from the Pitster, folded back the brake pedal, etc. It was the worse crash he has ever had. It was probably lucky for the other guy that I didn't see it. I might have been a "little upset" with them if it was a stupid move (like I suspect it was). He didn't have the balls to stick around or talk to me after the fact. At least he did ask my son if he was ok and help him get his bike off the track. If he hadn't done that I would have gone looking for him! There were several older guys on tricked out pit bikes flying around the track as if it was the workd championship. That mixed in with total beginner little kids and all levels in between. I am thankful my son wasn't hurt any worse and I am glad I didn't go to jail for killing someone. Needless to say, it will be a while before I go back to LEMP. I'll also be watching my son much more carefully when we ride. Stay safe out there and please use your heads if there are kids on the track!! Cliff Notes: Went to LEMP, it was packed, dude landed on my son!
  6. Heywood

    Anyone's kids on imports?

    My son Bailey is just turning 11 this week end. He started out on a PW50 at 5 yrs old. He was getting a little big for the PW and I put him on an XR75. It was a little big for him and he kind of lost interest in riding and went into retirement for a couple years. That was cool with me, it is a dangerous sport and I figure he was safer that way. We checked out the Pitsters and he was really excited. We picked one up and he really loves it. Now he is fully back into it. He has asked about racing, but I am holding off on that for a while. Here is a couple pics. 6 yrs old - PW 10 yrs old - Pitster
  7. Heywood

    WR400 won't run after sitting awhile

    Thanks for the reply. Yea, maybe I missed something when I went thru the carb. It sure sounds like it is a fuel delivery problem. I guess I'll have another bash at it....
  8. Hey all: I have a 99WR400 with a Baja Dual Sport kit. It has been sitting a little while (a couple months) and when I went to start it, it starts fine with the choke on, bit turning off the choke it starts a popping and a sputtering and won't idle. With the choke on, runs ok with a high idle. The bike ran great before I parked it. Sounds like an air leak, but haven't found anything yet. Well, actually there was a little rubber plug on the carb that was from the octopus removal mod and it was rotten and cracked. I though I had found it! I replaced the rubber plugs, but that was not it. I replaced the gas, spark plug, pulled the carb and blew out all the jets, fresh air cleaner, and still no help... I pulled the hot start off the carb and plugged the hole, no effect. The compression release operates normally. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be something internal (stuck valve or something?). I haven't checked the ignition, could an ignition problem cause these symptoms? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Heywood

    Pitster still going strong [pics]

    Hey Kawi: I got mine shipped to me from Vince at T-Bolt USA. It was quite painless. We also have a new dealer out here in so cal: 951 Minis in Corona. They seem really cool as well.
  10. Heywood

    Pitster still going strong [pics]

    Does it suck? Au contraire! The Pitser started strong and "is still going strong". Some of the haters would lead you to believe any bike from china will decompose after a few rides. Not the case with our Pitser.
  11. Went to LEMP on Sunday. I was kind of windy and dry..... We had fun none the less.... My other son on his KX
  12. Heywood

    Pit Shops in the OC?

    Performance Motorports (San Juan Capo) has some stuff in their parts Dept. I have seen some BBR stuff, bar kits, pipes, plastics, graphics and stuff. There is Cycle City off of El Toro Road and I-5, but not sure if I have seen much pit bike stuff in there. Mission Motorsports has a huge new store, but I haven't checked it out yet....
  13. Heywood

    Anyone got AXO Slammers?

    I was looking around for pitbike boots and found these: http://www.renegaderacing.com/store/axoboots.html They are pretty reasonably priced. Anyone have them? Any opinions?
  14. Heywood

    broke my lever and my key... pitster!!

    Funny story: I got out to the track last week and my son comes up with a bummed look on his face... "Dad, I forgot my key..." I knew that we could get it going by either unpluging it or shorting around it. I played with him a little, like "man, you might be screwed!" Then I unplugged the key, gave it a kick and it started right up. He was amazed! I guess dad is handy to have around now and then....
  15. Heywood

    Pics from LEMP

    Lake Elsinore MX Park (LEMP) Here it is on Google Earth........ It's changed a little since this pic.