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  1. The above set up is sweet and works great. I also like the feel of the heavier fly wheel.
  2. This is my project 450R desert bike. The latest install is the Trail Tech heavy flywheel, 70W Stator, Battery, Rectifer, Stock CRF X LIght Shroud and the Baja Designs Squardon LED Kit. The light works great and is very bright as well as being lighter in weight and drawing less power then a HID set up. The flywheel weight increase provides a great smooth power without taking away the hit or over all power. Mike at Baja Designs was a great help when ordering the light and wiring, they even wired up a toggle switch because I did not want the switch on the bars. The install was done by AS Racing in Canyon Country. Very happy with the job that Paul did. Very clean and well thought out. The X shroud was mounted clean and is there to stay.
  3. stickies

    High quality engine guy?

    AS Racing is the place to go. They are in Canyon Country, CA 661 993-0466 I have had them do lots of work on my 450 and 250. Very happy.......
  4. stickies

    230 Flat Track Racing

    Like to see that video, I think that is a about a 5 hr drive from Ventura. We that might be fun.
  5. stickies

    230 Flat Track Racing

    Here are some photos-
  6. stickies

    My 03 CRF 230F Make Over!

    Ricky Bobby, Its Cal----- Nice bike, you did a great job and looks fast on the stand. Time to "Shake & Bake"!
  7. stickies

    230 Flat Track Racing

    The following is what I have done to the bike. I run a very soft Trials tire on the front stock rim, taken off front fender as well as the front break. I already had BBR exhaust on the bike as well as changed the jetting. I then removed the airbox to fit a CR85 rear shock and put on a K&N pod filter directly connected to the Carb. I run a Avon rear street tire that I grooved myself. I lowered the front stock forks about 2.5 inches and have set the ride on the rear to match. The motor is totally stock. I am waiting for my son to out grow his CR85 and then I will put the front forks on the 230. Then I can run a 19" front and relace a rear hub with a 19" rim and move to dirt track tires. I also have been playing around with a CRF250R Carb to see if I can get a little more out of the motor. I run in the 250 motorcross class which has everything from modern 250's, 200 2 strokes, 125 2strokes, 230's and 100's. It is a lot of fun and the 230 runs well. I cannot beat the prepared 250 bikes or the good riders on 250's, but I do pretty good. I have run 3 times so far and had finnishes of 5th, 7th, and 10th out of a field of 16 to 20. The bike runs great and as I make inprovements and gain experiance I feel I will do better. For photos please email me: vta.stickies@gmail.com I hope all of you will try this sport. My friends and I have had a great time. If you are close to Los Angeles, CA, Ventura is about 50 miles north and Ventura Raceway is worth driving to. Some video from the November race. start at 2:00 Mins start at :40 seconds
  8. stickies

    Pros and cons of fuel injection.

    I got a 11 450r few months ago. At first I did not like the bike. It stalled a lot and seemed a bit wild. I had the bike re-mapped and have put some hours on the bike and it is great now. I ride 99% desert and the bike is really starting to come alive. Starts on the first couple of kicks and runs very good. My body's are always trying to make adjustments in camp on theirs, mine just starts and goes. I like the x and the idea of electric start, but the weight savings was important to me. I will end up spending more money on things I feel I need to make it a good desert bike, but I am good with that.
  9. stickies

    Big CRF 230F Riders

    The bike is way under rated. The mighty 230 gets more talk around the camp fire than any other bike in the pack. The 230 has made me and all who have rode it a better rider. 5'9, 190lbs
  10. stickies

    Pod air filter?

    I run a K&N and have been very happy with the outcome. Jetting was not hard to figure out. I did not notice any power increase, I removed the airbox so I could run a CR85 rear shock. I have never had any problems with K&N filters and they have served me well over the years. I do service my bikes more than most but that is because I enjoy it. I understand why people do not like them, but I am happy with them. http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa337/Stickies805/photo-1.jpg http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa337/Stickies805/Venturaraceway040-1.jpg
  11. stickies

    fmf 230f

    I bought the bike brand new and took it out a couple of times. After that I felt it needed a bit more power and I wanted the bike to have more sound. I found a BBR brand new on EBay, ordered the power up kit for the carb from Honda and installed both with a K&N filter. The bike came alive. My brother who also got a 230 at the same time I did decided to leave his stock. After one ride, with the bikes side by side, he came home and ordered the same for his. I did nothing to the engine, I only changed the needle and jets in the carb, installed the pipe and added the K&N filter. It is like night and day, by far the best thing I did for the bike.
  12. stickies

    fmf 230f

    Get the Pro Circuit. I run the BBR and am quite happy with it, but i hear the PC is better. Makes way more power. It will be noticeably more but I am sure both brands advertise db levels. You can also try Engines Only. They run a Supper Trap which is completely adjustable. http://www.xr100.com/ When I changed the exhaust, it was the best thing for a power increase.
  13. Just finished my second night of racing. It was a great time. If you have the chance to try this, do it. Look for #73
  14. stickies

    High Flow Cone Filter Anyone running one??

    The K&N Part # is RC-1289. It comes wit 2 filters, a cone and cylinder. I got it for cheep on Amazon. Make sure you re-jet. I am running a 138 main at sea level and it is fast. I raced last night and smoked some KDX 200's (2-Strokes) and various other small cc's. Could not keep up with the new 250's. http://i1192.photobucket.com/albums/aa337/Stickies805/Venturaraceway040-1.jpg
  15. stickies

    High Flow Cone Filter Anyone running one??

    Thanks, the pipe is the best mod. It has made the biggest difference in power. Should be the first thing done.