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  1. smrscott

    09 Whining noise

    Crank Bearings might be going bad - My 09 wined a little for a while then got real bad, Drained the oil and found small shards of metal in the oil. The Main bearing went bad and ended up trashing the oil pump and the cases when the shards went through the oil pump. Had to put in a new crank, bearings, seals, cam chain, guides, piston valves and valve seals. I rebuild everything because metal was floating around for probably 20-30 minutes when one of the balls in the bearing started to fall apart. Not a cheap fix - expect $1000-1500 in parts. Because if you are into the bottom end, you might as well fix the transmission and update 3-4 year and the shift forks with 2011-2012 parts.
  2. smrscott

    In Memory of Nick Varner

    I have been friends with Terry Varner since 1986 - I met him before the first ATV boom and he was carving cylinders out of his garage. He did not know me from adam but was introduced via a friends Ray Groom, I was a broke dick racer and he did an engine for me for something like $50. From that day on we were friends and I even worked with Terry at FMF for several years. If Terry treated his son anything like he did with strangers - that was one lucky kid. Varner has always had a huge heart and to hear he lost is son is tragic. I did not know Nick but I can say in his short years he must have had fun if he got to hang out with Terry. I have seen his videos and I must say Nick had skills aboard a motorcycle. Life is dangerous, some of us live 1 minute and others 100 years. You just never know and you have to play the cards we are given. Should we stop eating if there are people out in the world that die of food poisoning? Should we stop riding motorcycles because they (can be dangerous)? I have not spoke to Terry yet, I hope I will soon. All I know is that when my time comes due, I would love to have a pair of boots on. Terry, be strong, Nick, keep riding strong
  3. smrscott

    Anyone doing track days in SoCal?

    Ahhh - did you see the post about a track say at Apex this Sunday the 7th? It is in Perris - right down side street from Starwest MX track
  4. smrscott

    Apex Nov 7: Track day (So Cal)

    Apex will have it's first official supermoto track day in years at Apex Raceway in Perris, CA (At the Perris Fairgrounds) Inland Empire Riding should take off around 9am If enough riders show up there will be a FREE team race at the end of the day. Two-rider teams battle it out for bragging rights. We will need at least 10 teams to have a fun race. Here is a link to the site for directions http://www.apexracing.com/
  5. I have had the chance to ride the 2011 at two different tracks and I have no idea how or why this bike is so much better than my stock 2009. The chassis works so much better - easier to ride - more calm. The power feels almost too smooth but is so easy to ride it makes you smoother and ride stronger longer. The suspension is light years better than the 2009 and way better than the 2010. Especially the fork. The shock is good but nothing special - it just works. The link does calm the rear down and keep the rear planted and tracking. After getting off a brand new 2011 and back on my worn and tuned 2009 - I hated it. I got to spend almost two hours on the '11 at two different tracks and if I had the $ I would get a '11. I don't so I have to stick with my old pig. It is hard to believe - the two bikes look the same but act like two different animals. My '09 has about 60 hours and I have replaced a few pistons and one set of valves over those hours. Plus I rebuilt my fork and shock and installed the Honda optional stiffer springs.
  6. smrscott

    2009 530 Exc Tiking Noise??

    After about 20 hours my 530 started making a small ticking noise - checked valve and they were fine - I had a KTM Factory guy listen and he said they just make noise like that after a while - Not to worry. I did notice a slight change in the sound depending on the type of oil I ran. I change my oil about every 300 miles.
  7. My bike eats oil - KTM knows about it. If you rev your bike or just do long rides the bike eats a tad bit of oil. I have to adjust my oil level or add oil every time I ride and several times between oil changes. If you wish to fix the issue - you might want to consider changing the rings to the newer 2010 EXC rings. They seal better and there is less blow-by and the bike eats less oil. If it eats a lot of oil - there might be a different issue - but if you ride a hundred miles or so and your sight glass went from middle to bottom - that is normal on my bike. Just make sure the tranny oil level is not going up
  8. smrscott

    09 CRF450R Transmission Problems

    I think there is a problem or a early wear issue with the 2009. I work in the industry (not at a dealer) and have heard of many cases that sound the same. My personal bike is an '09 and it too has started to jump out of 3rd and back to second unless I do a hard shift with full clutch and chop the throttle. Once you miss a gear the problem just gets worse. I suggest if the bike has popped out of third and back to second or false N - more than 6 times, stop riding the bike until you fix it. Some bikes are fine after 60 hours - some have tranny issues after 5 hours - hit and miss. I heard (not sure of the fix) that some race teams run a small shim in or around 3rd gear it holds the gear in place to avoid popping out. When they pop out or drop back a hear it puts a lot of pressure on the shift forks, the shafts and gear shafts and the gears and forks wear very fast or bend slightly. If your bike has a problem— get it fixed to avoid a crash — if it is working and shifting fine - you are probably in the clear
  9. smrscott

    SuperMoto Racer Magazine - Rip Off???

    We are not out of business but it has gotten so hard to publish a magazine for supermoto. Advertising pays the bills and these days we are having trouble paying for the cost of printing/production to keep the quality of the magazine the same. The economy is has not been good to the MC industry - and supermoto has been hit very hard. If you are a subscriber you get 4 issues - these days it might be per year but you will get 4 issues. At least that is the plan. We are sorry for the delay - we have had to get work to pay our bills and the magazine has suffered. We were waiting for some positive news about 2010 but have yet to hear any solid racing plans. Even getting access to the OEM test bikes to do a story is very tight and not easy. We are working on a year end issue - not solid when it will come out yet
  10. smrscott

    08 ktm 530 front wheel clearance

    I have a 530 - Wheels are never dead nuts center. You will have to adjust the spokes to center the rim on the hub to make sure the rim is center between your fork legs. As for tires - I like to run a 120/70-17 series tire. Not sure what brands are more narrow compared to the next. As for suspension - I just slowed the rebound down slightly on the fork and the shock and went in a few clicks on the compression
  11. smrscott

    Brand New Supermoto DVD released

    To my defense, I have crashed on my head a few too many times Direct link to the video clips http://firstturnfilms.com/
  12. For those seeking more supermoto stimulation, there is a new DVD that was just released called Supermoto X. It is a mix of both racing and some street supermoto action. There is a short slip of the film here Available through www.firsttrunfilms.com or www.smrmagazine.com
  13. James Stewart and Brandon Currie were out testing today in So Cal at a Private test session in Fontana. Both riders looked very fast. Stewart has picked up supermoto very fast and should be a top runner or the top runner at X Games this Saturday at Home Depot Center in Carson CA. Here is a photo gallery from today
  14. smrscott

    530 EXC - New Rear Tire

    How on earth do you get 500 miles on a rear tire? I just got a 2009 530 EXC and I trashed the tire after 200 miles - it was getting roached at 150. I was riding 20 pavement and 80 dirt. I have 300 miles on the bike and half way through tire #2
  15. smrscott

    Price for 09 530 excr

    I just paid $8428 OTD for a new 530 EXC