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  1. nicogc

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    true!!!! if it has been determined that the oil injection system is working properly. after that then if the jetting is too rich then you will probably get spooge comming out the exhaust from the oil that is not burning.
  2. nicogc

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    Guides done by Ron Williams from Beta USA Oil injection Flow test: 1. Drain the fuel tank then refill with 60:1 premix. 2. Carefully disconnect the oil line from the intake manifold using a pic or dental tool, pulling on the oil line can cause the oil inlet fitting to rip out of the intake manifold. Slide a piece of carb vent tubing over the oil line about a ½” 3. Then cap off the oil inlet fitting. 4. Start the bike and check the amount of oil flowing into the lengthened tubing. At idle there should be about 25mm or 1” of oil flow in 90 seconds and 25mm or 1” in 60 seconds revving or holding a higher RPM. if you see that there is too much oil being pumped after doing the test then check and adjust the TPS: Remove the fuel tank and unplug the TPS connector. Verify a resistance of 4.6 kohms between the Blue wire and the Black wire. With throttle closed, the resistance between the Yellow wire and the Black wire at 0% throttle should be 0,6 kohms and 3,2Kohms at 100% throttle. *Readings outside of this can cause the system to go into safe mode and pump max oil. Make adjustments to the TPS by loosening the Torx screw and moving TPS assembly until you have the proper values. As a rule, the screw is close to the middle of the range.
  3. nicogc

    R my riding days over??

    you should!!!!!! maybe try a Demo. it is a really easy bike to use. not a race bike. an tge suspension just swallows any thing on its way. soft and smooth....... good luck with your search!!!!!!
  4. nicogc

    R my riding days over??

    the Beta XTrainer woukd be the perfect bike for you. there are 2 engine sizes: 250cc and 300cc. both 2T. they are super smooth with a a low end tork that feels more as a 4T engine!!!! here is a review:
  5. nicogc

    RR450 spitting oil thru gearbox breather

    moto9, we are doing exactly that. running the hose upward with the clutch hose and cables then around the chassis and downwards. hope this helps with the problem. but other 450 Betas that we have here without the hose don´t spit out the oil. what i don´t get is why preassure from the engine side would go into the gearbox side. i might have a crack or bad sealing????
  6. nicogc

    Any chance 2017 Betas would have 2 mode EFI Map?

    all 2016 RR models have the double option with all maps. you only have to install the switch ( or a Switch ) to the wiring lead (red/yellow if i remember correctly) and to ground. when the switch is in the off position you get the agessive map, and on the on position you get the mild map. it mostly affects the ignition timing not the fuel map. i do not know about the RS models. we do not import then here (Peru). i think those are mostly sold in the USA.
  7. nicogc

    RR450 spitting oil thru gearbox breather

    no, when we took the oil out there was only 300cc in there. so at least half a liter went out thru the breather. the hose is not there but it should make no difference. something is making the oil spill thru the breather. there is no way that preassure from crankcase can fill the gearbox, right??
  8. why would the gearbox oil come out thru the breather that is beside the starter motor?? preassure must be building inside but i do not uderstand how it is happening. any ideas??
  9. nicogc

    Beta 300 RR 2015

    amaizing low end power, esasy to use, and a lot of fun. great bike!!!!!
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  11. Acabo de subir "la Chutana 03 04 13" a Vimeo: http://t.co/eLSBcclrjE

  12. nicogc

    Shim stack for KTM300 EXC 2011

    thanks Vietze!!!!! as soon as i can get it checked i will post what i find. the owner tells me that he doesn't feel much difference now with RG3. it just feels as when the WP was new. it could even be that it has new oil in it. so no big change. it was done here in Peru by the person that went to the RG3 courses and nobody really knows how he communicates with them and what they recommend he does to each rider's suspension. what the owner of this bike wants to improve is the deflection and roughness he feels on the front. we have very rocky terrain. his front end starts to go of track when he pushes.
  13. i would like to know if anyone here has the original shimstack for the front forks for this KTM??? they are WP 48mm with the spring preload adjusters. thank you very much!!!!!!! this will be of great help because the suspension had been modified from stock using RG3 here in Peru and it hasn't lived up to what was expected. so now i would like to understand what was done.
  14. I just uploaded "Medina practicando en el polaris" to Vimeo: http://t.co/VkMvbxwH