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  1. Guys who race SRX600s swear by stainless braided lines. Even with double discs and light weight of the bike they all say it makes a big difference.
  2. VortecCPI

    Athena Big Bore Kit CRF230F

    Rick Ramsey had detonation problems when he tried old HC BBR Big Bore kit with stock cam. As this kit yields a a claimed 11.9:1 CR I would advise you use a cam other than stock. The stock cam works well with low-CR stock piston but it would reduce your smiles with this increase in CR (+3 points). Stock CRF230 cam is 10i/15e degrees shorter than stock XR200 cam so that should give you an idea of just how mild it is. Web 40mc/402 cam pulls like a freight train and still has plenty of power up top. A true "Bolt-In" with stock springs. I could not be happier for $308...
  3. VortecCPI

    Athena Big Bore Kit CRF230F

    Engine was like new so just hone and stock piston size with stock head gasket. Cam is Web 40mc/402 but I suggest one of Terry Miller's custom grinds based upon this profile. More power from idle to top and pulls like a little XR600. I was very surprised by the increase in power. $308 for all the parts.
  4. VortecCPI

    Athena Big Bore Kit CRF230F

    Procom CDI + Wiseco piston + Web cam and my front tire comes right up. Too much compression with mild short/small stock cam is asking for issues...
  5. VortecCPI

    Stroker Crank Question

    Doesn't the big end of the con rod need to be machined to clear tranny gears?
  6. VortecCPI

    Trail Tech Vapor Settings?

    Agreed Chuck. Plus or minus 1% is negligible in our context. If my average recorded speed shows 15 MPH but it was really 14.9 MPH I could care less. If my maximum recorded speed shows 45 MPH but it was really 44.6 MPH I could care less. I could probably live with plus or minus 5% just as easily. Even when it comes to total miles plus or minus a few % is more than acceptable and well within reasonable expectations and tolerances. My buddy's HD has a DCS on it and when it comes to racing and winning plus or minus 1% can easily be the difference between ending up in first place or second place. Not so the case when it comes to our relatively docile machines and the context in which most of us ride - For smiles, not monies and trophies...
  7. VortecCPI

    Trail Tech Vapor Settings?

    Excellent points Chuck. My calculations are theoretical in nature and as we all should know, theory is often different than practice! Also... Every tire is a bit different so a 80/100 tire size circumference can very between manufacturers.
  8. VortecCPI

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    At 52 years of age I believe I should be allowed to share some humor and I will continue to do so. As far as throwing the "young guys" off... They all have smart phones in their hands and they can find truth in a matter of moments... If they put forth a minor amount of effort... Which it seems most will not so shame on them...
  9. VortecCPI

    Trail Tech Vapor Settings?

    Another method... Mark the front tire and floor. Roll the bike across the floor until the front tire goes around one full time. Mark the floor where you stop. Measure the distance in mm or, if in inches, multiply by 25.4 to get mm.
  10. VortecCPI

    Trail Tech Vapor Settings?

    So here we go... Rim diameter = 21" or 533.4mm Tire height = 100% of 80mm = 80mm x 2 = 160mm* Wheel height = 533.4mm + 160mm = 693.4mm Tire circumference = Pi x 693.4mm = 2178.4mm * If using stock 80/100-21 tire size
  11. VortecCPI

    Trail Tech Vapor Settings?

    Technically there is a difference depending of you ride on hard surfaces or soft surfaces. If riding on hard surfaces you are riding on the tops of the knobs so the number will be larger. If riding on soft surfaces you are riding on the bottoms of the knobs so the number will be smaller.
  12. VortecCPI

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    Glad you guys enjoy my nonsense attempts at humor. Seriously though, there seems to be a non-stop discovery for potential in these old-school engines and it is always a pleasure to read about it. These engines are like HDs in that they are so simple yet have so much potential. Just imagine if we had resources thrown at these engines as they have been thrown at HD engines. I have been very busy and I hope all you and your families have been doing well...
  13. VortecCPI

    Puff the Magic Squish Band

    Squish Bands are cool and all but the real problem is that you can not put a Power Band into a CRF230 like you can a CR125, CR250, CR500, etc. My buddy tried to put one in an old XL but he could not figure out how to connect it to the camshaft. Most two strokes do not have camshafts so there is no issue when installing a racing Power Band. Not too sure if two strokes with camshafts even have Power Bands... Two Strokes rule because you can have different Power Bands and all you have to do is swap the mild stock Power Band for a racing Power Band. If I recall correctly the racing Power Bands for Honda CR engines are red. I'm not too sure if that is some sort of standard or just a coincidence that they are then same color as Honda CR plastics. The other thing that is really cool is if your engine gets tired all you need to do is tighten or replace the Power Band. When you get that figured out we will really be in business!
  14. It sure has been a busy year and I miss my time with all you guys... One of the new toys in the shop. 7,900 RPM shift points and 8,500 RPM limit. Silly little Sportster engine...