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  1. While I realize this is not the right forum I just wanted to throw it out there... My wife likes her LS650 so much she does not need/want her 2008 CRF100F. It is in excellent condition and has been meticulously cared for and maintained...
  2. If your bike bogs something is WAY off. You are not trying to snap the throttle wide open from idle while the bike is on the stand, right?
  3. Did you adjust it for best idle (fastest/highest) after engine fully warmed up?
  4. How many turns out is idle mixture screw?
  5. No comparison between Hlebo and Hagon. Not close by any measure... Even with high-flow after-market piston head Bruce's revalved-and-modified stock shock is not as good as Hagon...
  6. Perhaps you will like this format better...
  7. Here is my week... That shiny-looking thing in the corner of each little box is called "Sun"...
  8. There are two on the rear swingarm...
  9. Hey... This is a Tranny-Free forum!!!
  10. I tried it in three of the four cams in my engine and it did help quite a bit... While it helped my Lexus I am a bit afraid to try drilling all the cams in my CRF230...
  11. The stock shock is SO BAD it is not even funny... I'll bet a Class-Action lawsuit might even be possible...
  12. Shovel-Heads and up. Here's one my buddy is building... Big, hot Shovel-Head...
  13. The HD guys I ride with... Attorneys, Pilots, Salesmen, CORP owners... All wealthy, not dirt bags... Funny how so many go right to dumb poor dirt bags instead of smart wealthy successful people...
  14. See here: