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  1. VortecCPI

    Racing: Dog VS Dirt Bike

    He's a Dobie and yes... They look a lot alike as puppies. They both have heads like bricks... And brains like bricks for a while... This guy was the biggest and most active of the bunch. He also had the most prominent markings. My wife recently rescued a kitten so the two of them are having a big old time.
  2. VortecCPI

    Racing: Dog VS Dirt Bike

    FatBoy Slim at eight weeks and already over 13 pounds.
  3. VortecCPI

    Racing: Dog VS Dirt Bike

    Our new puppy is awesome and I am SURE he will be every bit the family member Diesel was!
  4. VortecCPI

    YSS rear shock

    Absolutely! Have not ridden on YSS but have spent plenty of time on Hagon. Until we get feedback in here the YSS is just another could-be great item...
  5. VortecCPI

    YSS rear shock

    For the money, Hagon is just about impossible to beat.
  6. VortecCPI

    YSS rear shock

    I am considering YSS shocks for my old Yamaha SRX600. So far Klaus has been very helpful...
  7. VortecCPI

    Jet Needle & Needle Jet

    They are all the same in this series of Keihin PD carb but of course they wear. When they do it causes an off-idle and midrange rich condition that can sometimes be hard to identify. Even little wear causes a rich condition and a small amout of wear can be very hard to spot. We had a 1997 XR250 that had this issue and it drove us nuts. I finally saw the wear, dropped in a spare needle jet from CRF230 needle, and all was perfect after that.
  8. VortecCPI

    Racing: Dog VS Dirt Bike

    Our Doberman was very fast and followed us all around the track. One time he shortcutted a hairpin turn and I hit him coming out of the turn and I went right over the bars. He stopped me dead second gear WOT out of the hairpin. Diesel was just fine but my ego was not! Our new little big boy...
  9. VortecCPI

    CRF250F how its made

    True but Al Baker got them figured out for us (we had two 1984 Al Baker XR265Rs) and they were NOT 265 pounds. Oh... And they were fast... Very fast...
  10. VortecCPI

    CRF250F how its made

    265 pounds??? Almost as heavy as an old XR400??? CRF230F was too heavy to begin with... What in the world is Honda doing these days? Any dyno curves yet?
  11. VortecCPI

    WTB - Single BBR Fork Spring for CRF230.

    Sorry buddy... This is one is for the left side... Man... We were SO close...
  12. VortecCPI

    WTB - Single BBR Fork Spring for CRF230.

    I have one left. Make me an offer I can not refuse! I use one stock and one BBR along with Bruce's damper rods. What is your riding weight?
  13. VortecCPI

    Best aftermarket CDI

    MSD have a very nice unit if you a bunch of cash... On sale right now... https://www.holley.com/products/marine_and_powersports/small_engine/parts/4217
  14. From Mike Coe: The needle has 0 effect on main jet selection. The accessory needle's taper (working area) is very similar to the stocker. The accessory needle is actually a bit leaner initially due to taper starting location and then a bit richer at @3/4 throttle. After much testing I found that the stock needle performed more to my liking than the accessory one. What works for some may or may not work to someone elses satisfaction. I am a perfectionist when it comes to jetting. I have spent significant hours and hours testing to determine what will work the best. I want anyone who rides their bike after I have tuned it to be more than satisfied and recognize an improvement afterwards, nothing less. The visible difference between stock and accessory needles is that the accessory needle has a straight end section instead of the continuous taper of the stocker. You must remember that during 99% of the riding most people do, the mixture will be controlled by the needle. The main jet only figures in at near and wide open throttle settings. I feel certain that you would find improved running characteristics with the stock needle in the 4th groove from the top vs the accessory needle in any position. I have measured and compared the stock and accessory needles, along with extensive "seat of the pants" comparisons as well to come to the previously mentioned conclusion. The accessory needle is actually a bit leaner at small throttle positions where much time is spent with these bikes. Again, the needle controls most all of the mixture control except at near idle and wide open throttle. This is what I recommend for your bike and all others with stock engine with exhaust baffle and airbox snorkel removed. I ride my stock bike from 0 - 6500+ elevation with no changes in jetting between the desert and mountains. 120 main jet (used to be 132) 45 pilot jet Stock needle with clip in fourth groove from the top Accessory needle with clip in fourth groove from the top. I have found that for low elevation riding, as in the desert, the "power-up" needle adds a touch better performance, but looses that same touch when riding in higher elevations of 4000 and up. So when I know I am headed for the hills, which is 95% of the time, I use the stock needle. These are my opinions from testing back to back. Even though the "power-up" needle looks significantly different than the stock needle, especially at the small end, the actual working "taper" is very very close. The difference is very slight, and if you are not real sensitive to jetting and how it affects the way your engine runs, you may not even be able to tell the difference!! The most important change in all of this is to install the larger main jet if you have removed the airbox "snorkel", and to lower the clip on the needle to the fourth groove. I feel the installation of the 45 pilot jet is of second importance, but you will get good results at the elevations you posted with the stock 42 and the fuel screw out to 2.5-3 turns. DO NOT turn it out beyond 3 full turns from fully seated ! I hope this gets you going and these settings should put you right in the ballpark. The needle marked C30F is the Honda "Full-Power" needle for the CRF230. All needle's come with a matching needle jet, as a set, from Honda. You can not purchase them seperately. The needle jet is the same for these two needles, so you do not need to change them out if you got one with your needle and jet purchase.
  15. VortecCPI

    Procom CDI Review

    I have read that worn packing alone can have a measurable impact on peak TQ and can be seen on a dyno.