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  1. The Mugen "Desert Grind" cams in the Al Baker engines with 0.006 / 0.008 clearance sounded like madness. We used to get some very strange looks from fellow riders. When you ride with your helmet off you would swear the engines were about to come apart! What a crazy clatter they made...
  2. Back when I used 0.004/0.005 mine had quite a bit of ticking and was VERY loud when the engine got really hot. Now with what Terry recommended cam has just slight ticking under normal circumstances. I was very surprised at what a difference Terry's tighter specs made in made in my case.
  3. Mine only makes noise when the engine is very hot.
  4. From Terry Miller: "I run snug .004 on intake and standard.004 on exhaust." This is what I use as well.
  5. We still have the same two since my initial test and review way back when...
  6. If you have deep pocket there's always MSD... https://www.msdperformance.com/products/powersports/small_engine/parts/4217
  7. I believe the pinout is different.
  8. I have a great idea... Let's rent some dyno time, strap our bikes down. and then just rev them right to the rev limiter in neutral... Super cool bro...
  9. I never understand why riders rev their bike engines to the rev limiter under no load. It has got to be one of the very worst things you can do to an engine...
  10. It was a great bike but now she has moved on to the street and to the water... 377ci stroker... Very best wishes to all my TT friends following the celebration of this great country's independence from oppression!
  11. Did you check/verify proper float level? Turn in the idle mixture screw. If it helps the 48 is too big. Then try again with choke half way. If it helps you are too lean. However... Problems a the halfway point are usually needle and/or seat related. How about a worn needle jet? Did you check for ovality and/or wear in the needle jet? These carbs and engines are VERY tolerant to imperfect jetting so a flat spot is highly unlikely even if you are off a bit...
  12. Where are you located? Riding elevation?
  13. You are kidding, right? I have spent quite some time on YZ250F and the two bikes are not even in the same universe. I don't care what you do to a CRF230F... It will NEVER keep a YZ250F in sight on an MX or SX track... Give an MX pro a 250cc 4T or 125cc 2T MX bike and a modified CRF230F. Have him do several laps around an MX track and then compare numbers. He will likely case the CRF230 on the first set of whoops and give up after he picks himself up off the ground... Like taking an old modified Jeep CJ to Nurburgring and expecting to be competitive... However... This is very cool: https://jalopnik.com/5795043/1964-ford-fairlane-500-runs-the-nurburgring
  14. Right. Not always about how MUCH power (but certainly can be at times) but more often about HOW AVAILABLE and at WHAT RATE. Engines like XR200 and CRF230 produce nice broad power with no sudden changes in delivery. For rocky rooty climbs this can make getting to the top easy due to greater tolerance of gear selection, clutch usage, and throttle input. A high-strung 2T or 4T has more than ample power to climb but gear selection, clutch usage, and throttle input become more critical. If you are not paying attention you can end up with a stalled engine or a tire that goes from a grip to slip or spin in no time. The docile output of XR200 and CRF230 results in power delivery that is very conducive to crappy climbing conditions. These things are like little diesel tractors -- I don't remember mine ever stalling unless I was screwing around on purpose. The old KDX engines were very similar in that power was delivered nothing like their KX or other MX counterparts. I'm sure a modern 2T or 4T with an engine designed for enduro/trail work is also good but I had a WR250F in the the garage for a while and it was NOT. Very hard to get timing right when coming out of corners or climbing. The engine went from very little torque to too much torque and had a "hole" in between. Slow short tight work took a lot more effort than it does on my little CRF230. For fast long open work, however, the WR250F was right at home and quite an excellent machine... Also... Fuel economy with XR200 and CRF230 is really quite good...
  15. This bike is not about power... This bike is about ease of use and efficiency once properly set up...