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  1. n1 qualified man

    Stumped! Please help!

    Mine would not idle off choke. Removed carb and cleaned it. Main problem was gummed up float needle seat causing sticky float. I polished this out with q-tip in a drill. Also polished needle so it slid in/out super smooth. Also rejected from 40 to 42 on pilot. Finally, made sure to take out mixture screw and clean out that circuit. Careful to re-assemble with spring, washer, o ring in right order. Idles great now. Other items done: Clean gas tank Replace fuel screen and all fuel lines Rejet main & leak jets Raise stock needle one position Replace all carburetor gaskets w OEM rebuild kit Replace air filter Replace spark plug Change oil & coolant (These are probably not related to your issue, but I didn't want to leave anything out in case it helps you)
  2. n1 qualified man

    Stumped! Please help!

  3. n1 qualified man

    Stumped! Please help!

    That's what I figured. I'm actually in a very similar situation as you. Just picked up an 06, and it will only run on the choke. Last time it stalled, it started pissing fuel out of the carb overflow until I shut the tank off. I haven't cleaned the carb yet, so I'm hoping it's just gummed up, and the float is sticking. I'll be monitoring this thread to see if your issue can be figured out, and I'll report back if/when I discover something of note on my side.
  4. n1 qualified man

    Stumped! Please help!

    sorry, not sure if i read every single post here, so apologies if duplicate. my 2c: i'm assuming that you're using clean new gas from the pump, not the old fuel that had been sitting in the bike? old fuel=bad