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    mitas c16 have been my favourites.
  2. why do you want to buy it?... lol, filter maintanence was very minimal- about once a year, i changed the oil and oil filter every 30 hours with elf 10w50, the valves never moved until 440 hours and 1 valve had the next size shim put in but it was still in spec, i havent had it checked since. it gets a bit of everything from slow riding behind stock to the occasion thrash to blow out the cobwebs.
  3. the rmx 450 is due for an upgrade- to another rmx450! should be here this week, just a little excited. old thread here http://www.dirtbikeworld.net/forum/s...ad.php?t=87978
  4. i ride an rmx450 at present, but was researching what other bike options are around when i change it, and saw your thread.
  5. im from alex, i hope they come to the party for you. i can guess the dealer is in dn.
  6. i have the rmx (detuned trail version) i have 5 hours to go and ill hit 1700 hours, motor is still untouched from factory other than 1 valve shim. i guess it depends how hard you race the motor.
  7. i dont disagree with you guys, but rekluse has been great for me, they do have heavier springs to compensate the pressure depending on setups. maybe you can use your yz power tuner to put the woods map or something with a softer bottom end if you find it slipping?
  8. the clutch engages just off idle, so it works like any other clutch plate when the motor is reving so extra horse power shouldnt make much difference un less your trying to accelerate from a stop idle in a really high gear.
  9. my exp 2.0 has around 1000 hours in an rmx450, just pick the right gear for the terrain your on as you would with a normal clutch.
  10. not sure if it helps but my rekluse is a 2.0 in an rmx450, box says it fits rm250 and rmz 450. my clutch has around 1000 hours on it so i guess it should handle the big bore for some time?
  11. must be faulty, 12 hours could be done in a few days, i hope they sort it quick for you. what area of nz?
  12. hi, thanks for the reply, i had a ride on a 390 beta and liked it, we use dirt bikes for moving sheep around the farm, so i ride everyday for work , the farm covers 30000 acres so we do a lot of hours all offroad. my rmx450 is due for replacement as it has got over 1600 hours on it in 4 years- with only one valve adjustment at 440 hours, i just do 30hour oil changes and thats been it. so other than suspension bushes, pads, discs, chains and sprockets, and a battery it has been fantastic for reliability so its hard not to just get another one, but i really did like the beta to ride- it had so much more low rev lug and control than rmx while still having a similar light and agile feeling, and it started easier than the rmx.
  13. so the gears in the pump are an issue? or have the improved on newer versions?, i ride about 400 hours a year so hoping beta would handle it.
  14. i want a beta and do alot of hours on my current bike (rmx450), so im hoping someone has got some impressive beta results, to sway my decision.
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