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  1. Broadie

    Blowing headlight lamps

    Hi guys hope you can help. My 2007 250x has started blowing headlight bulbs, appears to be producing 11.5volts at idle. Question is does the AC voltage pass through the regrec? Or is it some other problems. Thanks in advance broadie
  2. Broadie

    Suzuki DRZ400S NEW IN UK

  3. Broadie

    Suzuki DRZ400S NEW IN UK

    I think all the UK E models were registered with the SVA test. Not sure SVA still exist and if it would be expected on a new bike.
  4. Broadie

    Something wrong with ignition wiring

    Also worth checking the earth connections.
  5. Broadie

    Need jetting advice for U.K. 2002 DRZ 400 E

    Running a 155 in Devon it's cleaner than my underpants.
  6. Broadie

    Cyclops LED headlightbulb V10 or regular?

    Erik. Do you run these with the rubber boots on the back of the lamp?
  7. Broadie

    Random pics.

  8. +1 for bt45's 150/70 on mine more than enough grip and feedback with great mileage.
  9. Broadie

    Gravel roads on SM tires

    As jj said keep your weight forward and gently on the gas to find grip . Find the worst thing with sm stickies off road is stopping.
  10. Broadie

    What to check on used bike

    Clean the fuel tank out. Keep an eye on the front sprocket seal after use for a few rides. In my own spare time I'd pull all the bolts and grease them and start lubing up any sezed ones. Clean and lube electrical connectors.
  11. Broadie

    SM gearing question

  12. Broadie

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    Had a trials bike for a couple of years and became more adventurous on the DRZ, also don't like my toes been exposed to rock and tree stumps. For me I find the gain outweighs the losses . Even did a trackday like it and found it fine.
  13. Broadie

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    I'm stood up a lot of the time doing tight stuff and find changing gear with a low lever almost impossible.
  14. Broadie

    DRZ400E Gear Shift Height ..

    Here's what I did.
  15. Broadie

    RS125 wheels on DRZ400s?

    Don't forget to rotate the tyres :-)