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  1. Why do you want the special tool to remove the swinging arm bolt ?, you can take the bolt out without toughing the castle nut ?, that's only there to provide correct clearances between the frame and the swingingarm/engine.
  2. Like others I love mine, ride with knobblies on tarmac lanes she's such fun and apart from the hard seat I could ride her all day....she's beautiful Free image hosting here.... https://hobbyphotohost.com/
  3. Are you not 2 wrires short ?, I use the same unit once a year to power a buzzer for my MOT test....this works on DC only but my US spec bike only has AC, I use the kill switch as the buzzer/horn switch lol....only needed for a couple of seconds once a year, after test it's removed and back to basics for my piggy.
  4. Cannot see clearly on my diagram but the BL wire coming from the rectifier/regulator only seems to feed the turn signal indicator and horn, if you can find a better diagram it should be obvious
  5. Headlights are on the AC side is your fan DC ?
  6. I simply sit on the bike and start it ?...cannot see how on earth you could struggle if your my height ?
  7. Same as all UK/EU spec bikes....74 watts....why do you thing your's would be different ?
  8. Just get some M8x1.25 x 50mm stainless hexagon head bolts from ebay ?....they are 13mm A/F opposed to stock which is 12mm A/F I finished mine off with 2 stainless steel flange nuts.....dead easy job
  9. Ok so you found 1 guy who looks like he bent the frame and caused a crack to develop...hardly a reason to ask Honda to recall the bikes lol.....seriosly the frames don't crack !!! under normal use, friends has the largest collection of 650R parts probably in the world and he has been into them since their release 18 years ago and he has never seen a cracked frame ?.... http://www.xr650r.co.uk/about/about.shtml
  10. Since when ?, the frame never cracks by the peg ?....the peg bolt can stretch as the stock bolt isn't high tensile, over time it will fail so replace with HT bolt and job done.
  11. 650R forum hasn't gone ? we are still about just at another address...we were too tight to renew the name so dropped back to the free forum name http://hondaxr650r.forummotion.com/
  12. Where in the UK are you ?, I have looms, CDI's, stator and other bits which we could swap over to test things out ?
  13. Ditch the bad chain for starters, you don't want a knackered / old chain on the R...
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