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  1. ewr2004

    Tire choice with bib mousses

    Where are you purchasing the Enforce tire paste? I'm having no luck finding it...
  2. ewr2004

    2014 WR450 - Gasoline in the oil

    What gas treatment would you recommend for EFI?
  3. ewr2004

    2014 WR450 - Gasoline in the oil

    Appreciate your input. I've ordered a (gas tank insert) fuel filter and a bottle of injector cleaner.
  4. ewr2004

    2014 WR450 - Gasoline in the oil

    Can you enlighten me and tell me how a dirty filter and/or injector translates into fuel entering the crankcase?
  5. ewr2004

    2014 WR450 - Gasoline in the oil

    "Are you saying you went 2000 miles without changing the oil?" No I'm not, you're inferring it. The total mileage on the bike is 2000 and this last oil change was my 5th. I should note again that there was no detection of gasoline on the first four oil changes. The only thing that changed between this oil change and the one before it was the new map, thus my suspicion that the 3 prime cycle on every startup might be the culprit (i.e. excess fuel from the primes getting past the rings and into the crankcase).
  6. 2014, almost new, 2000 miles: I changed the oil yesterday and immediately after pulling the drain bolt was hit with the strong smell of gasoline. After draining all the oil I poured it back into a measuring cup and the total amount was roughly a quart (no filter change). So, while it's obvious there is gasoline in the oil, there's not much. I'm not much of a mechanic so all I can come up with is a leaky injector. I should also note that the current map I have installed produces difficulty starting the bike. It routinely takes three attempts to start, so it goes through three priming cycles (the first when the electrical system is turned on, and twice more after each failed attempt to start). Could this cycle be contributing to the problem? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. ewr2004

    2013 WR450F Beginner to Mapping

    Power is equally simple - Lean the fuel and advance the timing. Done.
  8. ewr2004

    2013 WR450F Beginner to Mapping

    "More fuel smoothes the repsonse. Less makes it more snappy. Less ignition smoothes the response. More makes it more snappy. So, with that information, you can plug in the tuner, find an unused map in the tuner, and modify it and save it." Mapping 101, I love it! This might actually put an end to all future mapping posts.
  9. ewr2004

    79 cent fix for grabby clutch

    Thread resurrected: I was having difficulty with my bike lurching, than stalling when going from neutral to first, and a very hard time finding neutral. Unfortunately for me I did not find this thread before replacing my clutch. However, I did find it after the new clutch changed absolutely nothing. I was skeptical of this fix even as I was installing the washers, but once I got her buttoned-up and running I became a true believer. Absolutely amazing, and it cost me nothing since I already had the M6 washers. Now, let's see how long it lasts... 2006 WR450f
  10. Can someone in the know inform me if the water pump issues have been corrected, and if so, beginning with what year?
  11. ewr2004

    Strange noise on startup?

    The bike is a 2006. No problem kicking through, or starting, on the kick start.
  12. ewr2004

    Strange noise on startup?

    I changed the oil this afternoon and when starting the bike was greeted with the noise in the video link below. Any ideas? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WU-nhnwyug
  13. ewr2004

    What happened to this message board?

    Best guess on the time the leaders roll through Loreto (both motos & vehicles)?
  14. ewr2004

    Weatherman Stream?

    Does anyone know of a Weatherman feed (online) for the 500 this weekend? I've been searching but have been unable to find one.
  15. ewr2004


    Just to shed some light on this issue (which is currently plaguing me also); I replaced my clutch cable, all clutch plates, and springs. My clutch basket looked good and needed no attention. I put everything back together (my excitement was high) only to find that my "grabby" clutch was still there. In fact, there was NO difference. I've read all the Mickey Mouse fixes: washers, drilled clutch hubs, YZ springs, ect. and have no interest in any of them. Something else is failing in the clutch mechanism and I've yet to read or discover what it is. My attention is currently focused on either the push rod (5TA-16357-10-00) or the push lever / actuator arm (5TJ-16381-10-00). I'll report back after I try these.