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  1. Kevin415mx

    Are 250 and 450 4 strokes okay for cruising

    CRF250X or WR250F Yamaha would be better for cruising trails than the MX versions.
  2. Kevin415mx

    Easy way to clean/oil air filter?

    Mineral spirits followed by dawn dish soap and water then completely dry. Maxima FFT for the oil.
  3. Don't like the hot rods bearings. Had one fail at less then a half hour. They replaced it for me but I put an OEM in its place regardless. Vertex is a good piston.
  4. Kevin415mx

    new to thousand oaks

    I'm from the Simi Valley / Thousand Oaks area. Love riding desert and trails with the occasional track trip
  5. Kevin415mx

    Group Build?

    I'm in if it's a two stroke haha
  6. Kevin415mx


    Mineral spirits followed by a thorough clean with dawn dish soap and water. Let dry then use Maxima FFT oil.
  7. Kevin415mx

    Tires for the CRF230F

    Good choice. I ran that front on my old 250F. Good traction and it held up very well
  8. Kevin415mx

    Moving to thumper?

    Yes! Just rode my X for the first trip out. That is one awesome bike. Good at just about everything
  9. Kevin415mx

    Trail bike for kid

    If you got it fully sealed and leak fixed and the exhaust isn't obstructed you should be fine
  10. Kevin415mx

    Tires for the CRF230F

    Not sure if they make them in that size, but the Dunlop AT81 is a great tire
  11. Kevin415mx

    Buying my daughter a new bike

    I could be wrong.. have been called weird before about things I liked haha. Did replace the stock perch with a copy off eBay as well. Biggest thing I've noticed with the 100s is the condition of the cable does seem to affect it somewhat.
  12. Kevin415mx

    Tube vs. tubeless

    Not a fan of the tubliss system. Seen a few start to leak after they have some time on them.
  13. Kevin415mx

    What year to be on the look out for

    Actually talked to a GNCC pro who said he liked the steel frame much better than the aluminum
  14. Kevin415mx

    Tires for the CRF230F

    So have I. It was passable in super soft loamy dirt but the second I got in rocks or desert terrain it was on the way out.