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  1. pitrider

    2011 video

    Good info,just picked up a '11 KX250F..last week.Last Kawi was a '06 KX450F no problems!
  2. pitrider

    Remember Tommy Watts

    Link to info about Tommy Watts http://swillian.domainhost.com/remember_when/tommy_watts/tommy_watts.htm
  3. pitrider

    2011 Kawasaki Kx250F How much?

    7100 otd..
  4. pitrider


    x2...Chisholm needs to go away..
  5. '08 Triumph Speed Triple..'08 YZ250F,current bikes.
  6. pitrider

    07 KX 450F question

    07 KX450F was on display at Laguana Seca MotoGP 7/22-7/23
  7. pitrider

    pics on changing oil screen

    Cleaned my screen last night,,all kinds of crap,shavings,silcone snakes
  8. pitrider

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    Who cares,the AMA fiasco is over with..SX can finally get back to being a awesome season between RC and James
  9. Ride on the street after washing,and to get to our riding area..Short distance the houses back up to BLM ..no problems ..
  10. pitrider

    RC AMA Points....it's over....

    No you called it right,,dumbest post ever
  11. Somebody got thrown under the bus
  12. AMA=0..good for nothing,,great job whitelock
  13. pitrider

    KX 450 sag setting

    Yes lowering the fork tubes in the clamps gives more stability.. Raising or sliding the fork tubes up in the clamps lets the bike turn quicker
  14. pitrider

    Latest from RC