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    KTM 300 XC 2015

  2. Sheepdogmarine

    KTM 300 XC (2015)


  3. Sheepdogmarine

    What are you getting your bike for Christmas?

    NOST Suspension!
  4. Sheepdogmarine

    First GNCC race first race in general crf 450

    Do yourself a favor and just run 93. I had an 06 450 when I started doing hare scrambles. When it stalled, it was hard enough to start when it was hot. I had tried 100 octane Avgas at one point. Then, if the temps were cold, it was REALLY hard to start. It is not needed and a waste of money. The good thing about riding a 450 is that after a year of riding it in a race scenario, it will make a better bike so much easier to ride. I am not knocking your bike, it is a great bike. Just not ideal for offroad racing where it gets real tight. You will have a blast!
  5. Sheepdogmarine

    National Enduro Format

    Well Gunny, I am fine with it this year. It was really simple last year. Just ride as fast as you can until you come to a stop. You will see everyone sitting there waiting for their minute and you just get in your line and wait to go again. I am not bring a roll chart, watch or anything this year. Row 92 this year, oughta be some giant whoops at that time!
  6. Sheepdogmarine

    2012 KTM250xc - Woods Weapon !

    Do yourself a favor and get the Motion Pro Cable 10-300. It is longer which allows it to be run in front of the triple trees and behind the number plate and most important you cannot pull it and go WFO! The stock KTM cable can kill you if you catch it on something. Go out and pull on it while it is running and you will see what people mean. Just be ready on the kill switch. The Motion Pro cable is crimped on both ends so this cannot happen. Some people safety wire the stock cable, but do one or the other. It is $30 well spent. Beautiful Bike!!
  7. Sheepdogmarine

    knee braces

    I had EVS webs. They worked good,but they do not fully cover your knee. There is about a 1/4" gap above and below the knee pad. Don't you know I got roosted and had a rock find the gap below the knee? Hurt like hell. They needed some work anyways so I got a new set of Asterisks. They work awesome and you forget they are on. Fully cover all parts of the knee as well.
  8. Sheepdogmarine

    2 weeks until heaven

    Thanks again for your service! I hope you enjoy your well earned KTM!
  9. Ever tried a Bridgestone M59? The grip and wear are excellent. I ran the MXMS and also was missing some side knobs. The M59 came on my KTM 250 I bought used and it just works great in all kinds of terrain. The wear is excellent as well. A recent trip to Rockhouse at Hatfield McCoy proved it works well on rocks and hard pack. Might want to try one out.
  10. Sheepdogmarine

    Watts, Raines, Semics, Baily, Lafferty, etc.

    I have been to class with Rich Lafferty for a day and two Shane Watts classes, the first one and the hardcore one. Both are great teachers and do things slightly different. Either one is well worth the money. Rich was one on one which was good for some problems I was having. Shane's school had more people so you actually can learn a lot from them as well. Shane will also spend time with you personally if you need it. He is really awesome at encouraging you to get out of your comfort level. He had me doing some almost straight up ravines I never would have thought about trying. I crashed once, but he was right there to show me what I did wrong and I made it up easy next time. Doing those really extreme hills made the hills we race on seem simple. You can't go wrong either way. Or race the VCHSS. Has that been said? It is a really great series with lots of nice, helpful people and lots of challenging courses. Good Luck!
  11. Sheepdogmarine

    Rekluse EXP 2.0 Auto Clutch anyone have one

    I tried the Magura setup on my 06 and it works great. I could use one finger all day. The only problem is that the slave cylinder is in a vulnerable spot if your are racing off road. I was afraid I would break it off. Then I got a RevLoc Dyna Ring, same thing as the Core EXP and it was $391 shipped. That thing is awesome! It makes off camber roots and rocks simple. I did put my cable back on as it makes it way easier to adjust. It just works like magic and no more stalls.
  12. Sheepdogmarine

    New x-ring chain

    I think the best way is to measure the width of a link with calipers. Then grease up your rings and press the master link together until it is the same width as the links. You don't want to squish the X rings. I use the Clip style master link and still press the plate on as it is just easier.
  13. Sheepdogmarine

    First Hare Scramble

    I know that feeling! I have only done two myself. Somehow if I can get thru the first 15 minutes and remember to breathe right, it gets a little easier. I have started running a little before a race and getting your heartrate up before the race really seems to help. It worked at my first enduro in January. My first HS is this Sunday so we will see if it gets better. They are a lot tougher than you would ever expect. For some starnge reason, at my first one, I could imagine myself running great and winning or at least getting a top three. Fat chance. After two laps, they told me to stop as the overall leader had lapped me in a three lap race. Just stick with it, it gets easier. I stalled my hateful bike more times than I could count, I even invented some new names to call it. Try slipping the clutch some going up those hills and around turns. I did get a Revloc Dyna ring, but I am not so sure it makes me ride a little slower. It works great, but you can get lazy. What I have been trying now is to use the clutch like normal and just have it there so the bike does not stall. Good Luck!
  14. Sheepdogmarine

    Rekluse or not?

    Alan was great to deal woth at Revloc. He told me my clutch would feel like it had no free play, but work like stock, it does. I think the manual over ride is just for trying to jump start the bike or that was how I understood it. I am guessing you have a hydraulic clutch. Mine is manual. I had a Magura kit on the bike and he said it is easier to set up with the cable, I would have to use the shim method to get it right with the hydraulic clutch. I just want the cable back on, the Magura kit is awesome, the slave cylinder is just in a vunerable spot for off road riding and I figured it was only a matter of time till I broke it off. I had to screw with the adjustment a bit to get it exactly right and that is where the cable probably helps a lot. I am sure if you take the time to shim it right, you will be happy. Hope it works out for you.