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  1. Webb didn't do well on the Yamaha and probably didn't have much confidence in it, which at his level is significant. And why would he? The bike (450) hasn't had much success in SX. The KTM is a proven SX winner, so is the team. Webb can focus on his training and goes to the line confident that the bike is not a disadvantage.
  2. When I figure it out, I'll let you know . Until then, there needs to be a support group for us! Oh yeah - once my son moved up from a 125 to a 250F, my days were numbered...
  3. 😎😎😎 Right around 16 is when my son started to get faster than me. Now I can't catch the F'er ha ha. I always tell him I'm going to punt him off the track when he tries to pass me, but I can't get close enough .
  4. Somewhat similar story... Around 9-10 years old, two of my buddies had dirt bikes (Honda 50, Yamaha I forget) and they let me ride them. The most awesome feeling in the world. Begged mom for a dirt bike for the next 3 years. Finally she gave in and said "fine, but you're buying it. I'll buy you the safety gear." Spent the next year cutting lawns, raking leaves, and shoveling driveways to save up $1000 to buy a brand new 1984 Honda CR80R (way too much bike for me, but whatever - it looked cool ). Been riding ever since. Took a brief hiatus when I got married and had kids, but then got my son into it when he was 8. We've been riding together for almost 10 years now.
  5. I like the new Webb - he's got some humility, he respects his competition and his teammate, and he seems to be very thankful for the opportunity he has with the Red Bull KTM team. And his answer to that question was great - "I think you just answered your own question"

    450f vs 350f vs 250f

    Lazy rider (you said it, not me ) + 245 lbs without gear = 450 in my humble opinion. To get anything out of a 250 or 350 at the mx track, you'll have to be fairly aggressive with the throttle, shift a lot more, etc. I say this as a 190 lb, also lazy 48 year old mx rider. I really enjoy my 350 sxf, but probably wouldn't at 245 lbs.


    Sounds like he found religion and maturity, so good for him. He looked pretty damn fast out there, which he usually does, unless he's sampling dirt.


    IMHO, he makes mental racing mistakes (he is blazing fast in practice) and then has to ride on the edge playing catch up, and that usually costs him as well. Too bad as I'd really like to see him do well and challenge Nichols for the title.

    What Round(s)?

    Exactly. I don't want to see anyone run away with it; this has the potential to be a very good season...
  10. BLSJDS

    KTM circling the drain - 2019 edition

    Good to see you back, red
  11. BLSJDS

    No real place for this, SIDI question

    http://mxbootrepair.com/ I've never used them, but have seen them advertised in MXA.
  12. BLSJDS

    2019 Supercross Anaheim 1_ Official Smack Talk

    I do. He continues to make dumb mistakes and then hangs it out trying to make up time; that's a recipe for injury. Hampshire was having none of it. Wilson and Webb were fun to watch - glad to see those guys do well. Camera work still needs improvement - STOP SHOWING REED!!! lol
  13. BLSJDS

    A1 Track map

    Nice! Wonder what the lap times will be? Looks like an efficient use of available space. I agree with the Roczen vs Anderson battle for the win.
  14. BLSJDS

    Bloss out, guess who gets his bike?

    Sucks for Bloss, but good to see Bogle get another opportunity; he's proven he can get good starts, he just needs to keep it on two wheels. I remember thinking he should consider retirement given the severity of his head injuries. Good luck, Justin! +1 I was just thinking that.
  15. BLSJDS

    Inner Axle Rust

    Not sure what the inner diameter is on the axles you have, but a bore snake might work: https://www.amazon.com/Hoppes-BoreSnake-Shotgun-Bore-Cleaner/dp/B004DPILHC