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  1. bdmmotard

    2000 TTR 90 gas tank

    does the 110 fit? I'm in the same boat
  2. bdmmotard

    TTR 110 fuel tank on a TTR 90?

    I'm in the same boat! did you ever find out? I'd much rather pay $35 for a new ttr110 tank than $200 for a crappy used 90 tank.
  3. This is gonna be a blast. here's the lowdown. Saturday May 2: Supermoto school (sold out) and open trackday. No arrive and race karts. Track open til 5 Saturday eve May 2: Free BBQ hosted by Socal Supermoto and David Ekenrode. Also cornhole and general screwing around. Free camping at the track. gate will be locked from 10-6. Sunday May 3: Socal Supermoto Sportbike fundamentals school with Stuman (open). Bikes only, no sharing with karts! We will have dirt, asphalt only, and mini rotations. Dirt opens at 1. Location: Adams motorsports park, Riverside CA Who wants to ride?
  4. If you know someone you want to introduce to sm, or if you live someplace freezing and want to come ride, we put a cyber monday thing together. Well we only do any discounts once a year, and here it is: $179 for all inclusive supermoto (bike, training, trackfees, and photography), plus choice of socal t or trucker cap. This year give braaaapppp. Or take it yourself and ride sm on the cheap. book it up here: http://socalsupermoto.com/school_sumo.html couple cool pics from Saturday:
  5. bdmmotard

    Socal Supermoto MEGA WEEKEND! Details...

    too early to tell for sure. But we're camping at night so should be plenty of time for evening sessions on Saturday, not to mention we're going to have a mister/cool down tent.
  6. Socal Supermoto Mega Weekend August 24th and 25th 2013 Grange Race Track, Applevalley CA Saturday 8/24/13 Socal Supermoto New Racer Bootcamp w/ Tim Weig, + Open practice for SM and mini's. No KARTS Race day prep Starts Line selection Braking Corner entry/exit Mock heats/main, and much more! Sunday 8/25/13 Advanced Sportbike Fundamentals w/ Stuman.+ Open practice for SM and mini's. No KARTS · Advanced Line Selection · Passing · Performance braking techniques · Race Craft · Driving off the corner School! Cool down tent! Camping! Ekenrode BBQ! Fun Races! Cornhole Tournament and wiffleball home run derby with Prizes! General Radness! Schedule (subject to change) Mornings each hour: 0-20min - Beginner Supermoto 20-40min - Minis 40-60min - Advanced Supermoto 1pm Open dirt. 3pm+ Afternoon each hour: 0-20min - Open supermoto practice 20-40min - Minis 40-60min - School drill sessions Cost: School with our bikes: $200 School per day with own bike (supermoto): $150 Bikes only Open practice (supermoto/minis): $30 per day. Pit pass for non riders $10 Camping: Free Book at www.socalsupermoto.com.
  7. bdmmotard

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Nice Jjames, that's my fave street tard right there!
  8. We have a bunch of upcoming dates, starting with next wednesday 4/24. As always $199 for bike, training, trackfees, and photography. Or just bring out your bike and join us. This is the perfect time to do it while it's still spring. Hope to see you out there! info www.socalsupermoto.com Next wednesday, supermoto assualt at adams! Dirt open, bunch of nice folks coming out, etc. $199 for bike, training, trackfees, and photography - come ride yer brains out...
  9. bdmmotard

    Post Pics Of Your Supermoto!!

    Debi, you got it covered with the bike/truck/van! all of those are sweet! Super diggin the van. here's my bike. I'd show all the school bikes but they look the same anyway:
  10. bdmmotard

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    I got 5 like this! I had some folks ask about the graphics kit, so AMR made it available on their site. Add "Socal10" for 10% off. This isn't a sales pitch, I'm not getting royalties or anything Just putting it out there. http://www.amrracing.com/catalog/dirt-bike-graphics/suzuki-drz400-sm-graphic-kit-limitied-edition-socal-supermoto-381.html
  11. Here's one not to miss: Socal Supermoto School w/ guest instructor Scott Churchill! Free BBQ for all $199 for bike, training, trackfees, photography and BBQ $150 w/ you're own bike 12/16/12, Adams Motorsports Park, Riverside CA 8am - Whenever http://www.socalsupermoto.com/
  12. bdmmotard

    Help: Cracked exhaust Cam retainer

    Just wanted to stop back and thank everyone for the advice. I went with a standard bore wiseco piston, and a e-gasket. To my shock it fired right up. Right out of the box seat of the pants dyno says she's running as strong or stronger than any of my other drz's, although I won't know for sure until I get it to the track next saturday. On the agenda is a couple more 15min ripping around the hood break in/cool downs followed by an oil change. Then she should be ready for school abuse next weekend! Only issue is obnoxious popping on decel. After changing the head/piston the culprit must be the pipe needing packing.
  13. bdmmotard

    Help: Cracked exhaust Cam retainer

    Yeah I just didn't feel like dealing with adjusting jetting, etc going with a big bore, unless a pipe and stage2 dyno in a stock carb is good enough for the 434. Pulling the cylinder tonight so I'll see where I'm at there. If the cylinder looks ok I'll just go wiseco stock compression piston unless y'all have a better suggestion? I was watching youtube top end vids this morning. Glad I don't have a ktm and have to remove the radiator, shock, etc, looks like a much bigger pain in the ass than the dizzer. Upside is easy valve adjustments!
  14. bdmmotard

    Help: Cracked exhaust Cam retainer

    My manual didn't mention the copper gasket spray. does that go on both base/head gasket? The cam cover gasket gets what kind of adhesive/or none?
  15. bdmmotard

    Help: Cracked exhaust Cam retainer

    I'd have a better idea if I had been riding it, but it's one of the school bikes. Before all this happened the bike was crashed hard twice (by the same rider!), about a 45mph lowside on asphalt to abrupt stop in the dirt. Not sure if that caused it. Or if the cam cap/leak happened first could low oil cause stuck valve? Other idea: many of my students come from sportbikes and rev the absolute crap out the bikes trying to find non existent hp. rod inspection, new piston/rings sounds like a solid idea. For stock displacement/compression do you have a favorite/best bang buck? If the cylinder looks good does it still need to be honed?