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  1. Once you move to the 125 work on getting the speed to finish in the top 3 to 5 of the schoolboy class. There are some fast kids that race that class.
  2. Well Weston Peick didn't go Pro till he was 18 at least going by him being 19 in this interview https://racerxonline.com/2010/06/29/privateer-profile-weston-peick I think he only raced seriously in amateurs for three years on big bikes but only locally. No minibike career to speak of. Another article https://racerxonline.com/2010/06/29/privateer-profile-weston-peick I bring him up as an example of it being possible, but if you really look at his privateer days most people without his willpower would have thrown in the towel. His story is also one of how hard it can be. How old are you now? if just starting high school I'd say race locally when you can with the end goal of qualifying for the A class or the B class at minimum at Loretta's. If you don't have the speed to qualify and place in the top of B at Loretta's( once you get out of high school) there's probably no real chance of a career as a professional.
  3. Thanks. Unfortunately I didn't recheck the forum as I as I had some stuff to do and then left the house. Oh well I'll still keep playing.
  4. Well it happened again and this time I was 6th in standings. Not even 9:00am CT and picks are already closed. All 0's for this week. This blows.
  5. Yep, I was looking forward to going back.
  6. I had hoped they'd keep Nashville a couple years. Sounded like everyone liked it. Oh well no supercross for me next year.
  7. Anybody have trouble getting out of the stadium area. Once out of the stadium the cops had every lane we needed to be in to get on I-24 either blocked or only letting certain lanes turn. We saw Ed Sheeran there and it was virtually sold out and didn't have the trouble getting out of it that we did Sat. night. Other than that we had a great time so I hope it stays on the schedule. I'd love to go back next year.
  8. I've heard rumbling on the Pulpmx show that the some of the Japanese teams are inflexible. Like they have good riders but don't listen to them. Reed talked a little about it when talking about his last stint on factory Yamaha. And then talk about Kawi not listening about changes a rider wants because it worked just fine for RV. Maybe they think they know how to win championships but KTM/Husky is changing the game. Maybe they need to take a step back and say what we used to do doesn't work anymore. What are they doing that we are not. I don't believe it's all the bike but in team management.
  9. Not sure what he said on the broadcast but in his podium interview at the stadium he said it was a mistake. Said he came in too hot and took them both out. Just couldn't get stopped and slid into him. He seemed upset about it but never really said sorry either.
  10. Not sure on the shock from were I was sitting. We were just past the finish line and with the triple after it headed away from us. I could always see the smoke pretty good as he accelerated up the face. Could have been from the shock as it compressed on the jump face. Seems the shock would have leaked out all the oil after half the LCQ and all the main. Oh he also said on the podium at the stadium when asked about the heat that his bike quit when he went off track but the crew got it going again for the LCQ.
  11. Yep I noticed it during the LCQ and then I noticed it was doing it in the main as well. Had me worried.
  12. Looks like selections are closed and results are already in for Nashville.
  13. Well I did go ahead and make picks last week so I guess I'll keep going.
  14. Apparently I missed the cutoff and I picked Angelo Pellegrini for everything. I guess I'm done with this one since I was in 15th anyway. I got behind this morning and did my picks a little later than normal. It would've been nice if they would leave it open longer like everybody else.
  15. I've got to remember to make my picks for this one by mid week. At least get something in there. When I did Motodynasty I always did my picks on Sat. morning and might tweak them after practice. Do that on this one and it sounds like I won't make the cut off. I think I just barely made it today.
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