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  1. asg5265

    Brake advise please - 95 kx250

    We need a sticky for kawi brakes...
  2. asg5265

    2001 kx 250 weak front brakes

    I think we should make a sticky for kawasaki brakes like how to bleed, common issues and fixes and ways to get more power out of your binders. Any mods out there think so?
  3. asg5265

    2001 kx 250 weak front brakes

    The thing is, Honda a KTM use pushrod style where everyone else uses cantilever wherein the fault lies. To add onto that, the KTM and Honda MCs run the line between the bar and MC where the others are exposed on the outside and prone to breakage, I had this happen to me when I was in moab, needless to say I skipped out on a good amount of fun. I just wish Nissan made one front brake for all the jap bikes with a Honda MC and Honda caliper, that would be a dream come true.
  4. asg5265

    2001 kx 250 weak front brakes

    The 05 master cylinder is supposed to be different and better than the others, but nonetheless they all work much better than any other one, you can also put on a brembo from a KTM and those work very well because those too are pushrod style.
  5. I'd throw 23 at him. Tell him it's an 05 and see if he will do it.
  6. asg5265

    Pro Taper triple clamp problem- 05 kx250

    The clamps themselves are out of true in probably 2 or 3 axes. There is no fixing them. Maybe besides several 1000s in machine work, but for that kind of money you could get a whole front end from ohlins. Keep them for evidence but never use them again.
  7. asg5265

    2006 250 rebuild

    Start a new thread or get a manual Carlos. That question could have a lot of answers,
  8. asg5265

    Leave it alone or re jet

    Kdx had rich pilots and mains. We run a 50? Pilot and a 155 main at 2200 ft. I think it's actually a 42 pilot, idk I got it right the first time about 6 years ago, so it gets vague with so many bikes to service.
  9. asg5265

    2001 kx 250 weak front brakes

    I'm not going to just barge in here and claim to know everything, but I know a thing or two about kawi brakes. First things you will need are new pads and a new SS line and a Honda pushrod style MC. Then you will need to refinish your rotor to get max braking possible. With this setup you have KTM like brakes.
  10. asg5265

    Wiesco vs Hot rods

    Thankfully you can just buy lightly used ones for very cheap. But that still doesn't justify their 20 year old technology. It's a sad day really.
  11. asg5265

    Wiesco vs Hot rods

    Yeah wait till kawasaki makes one, only a matter of time honestly. Every manufacturer is getting pressure from the factory teams to make X bikes. They are so blind and stupid to not be doing it before, but that's none of my business.
  12. asg5265

    what does this nean

    Not to be a dick, or an &%$#@!, but it would be easier for us TTers to help you if would have a little more organization to your post. Tell us exactly what you did in order and all that. Don't jump around, it makes it difficult to keep in mind what has happened. It just helps us better help you and nonetheless the help will keep coming. there are people that are much worse but I know you are trying to learn.
  13. asg5265

    what does this nean

    Did you check to see if it moved the slide up and down when it was off the bike like I previously posted?
  14. asg5265

    what does this nean

    pull the spring up, then push down on the cable while holding the spring back (very tricky), and it should come right out. its a difficult thing to do and the first time is always the grand struggle, for that matter the 100th time is just an experienced struggle.
  15. asg5265

    what does this nean

    check to make sure your idle adjustment works while its off. if you screw in, the slide should go up and vice versa. Yeah you probably need the leaner pilot.