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  1. lneil06

    2018 FE350 Running too hot

    I went here https://www.ktmandhusky.com/ and bought the exhaust tip with Spark arrestor and quiet insert, desmog kit, and TPS Tuner... I only rode the bike for 10 minute prior to doing it since it runs so lean
  2. lneil06

    Best Hydration Packs

    I have several camelbaks - I have all the brushes to clean the them. I just bought a Geigerrig Rig 1210 - which is a pressurized !! They make military versions as well like Camelbak. The difference is the bag can be turned inside out and put in the dishwasher.
  3. Don't forget to change the blinker fluid -- It usually gets contaminated after 5,000 blinks.
  4. If you rode a 2018 or 2019 KTM 2 stroke - you wouldn't get the buzzy feeling.. My 2018 Husqvarna FE350 (4 stroke ) can get buzzy - much more so than my 2008 Yamaha wr450f (4 stroke). My 2013 Christini 300 AWD can get buzzy - but it's only at certain RPM ranges. A lot of bikes can get buzzy at certain RPMs - same as cars - if you drove your car around town at 6K rpm - you would think it was buzzy.
  5. I'm old !! Just turned 50 -- I hate having to wear any type of correction and would prefer to get something that is stable. When we ride turkey runs (average 100 miles ) - we get into a huge variety of terrain - Roads - Fire Roads - Single Track - Rocks - Roots - water - you name it.. I have to wear toric contact lenses - or everything is a blur. If you can get single vision glasses with 1 focal length in the entire lens ( no astigmatism ) - then glasses will work - but if your vision is anywhere like mine then you're going to have issues. Getting a strap on glasses doesn't work when putting on a helmet. I also use fans in my goggles -- especially on the hot steamy days - Smith make them, along with several different companies.. -- You want OTG ( over the Glasses Goggles ) - if your going to try and wear your glasses. They have a cutout for the ear pieces in the foam. Haber makes them as well. Contacts did take me some time to get used to - but they provided the best vision for me. Haven't bit the bullet with Lasik -- already spent over $400.00 for glasses specifically designed for Off Road - and it was a failure.. MOTION SICK !!
  6. Depending on your prescription - will depend on the glasses.. I can't wear glasses riding - I'll get motion sick because when my glasses move just a little bit the ground moves as well. I even bought a pair of custom glasses designed just for dirt bike riding and was motion sick after 5 minutes -- pulled them off and had to put contacts in.
  7. lneil06

    New tires OR used dirt bike

    The larger the tire footprint the better - on both the front and back. - That is why the ballon tire mountain bikes do much better in loose material like sand and snow.. There was a woman who crossed greenland on a All Wheel Drive (christini) mountain bike. They do make tires that are designed to run in sand - like paddle tires.. A lighter weight bike will do better in the sand - but the horse power needs to be higher - sand robs power extremely quickly. I have been riding for a while - and have to say - nothing beats my Christini 300 AWD in the sand - having 2 wheels pull you through - especially where I ride at slower speeds than someone who races and stays on top of the sand.
  8. lneil06

    Do I need to replace my hub?

    If you don't replace the hub - you could run the risk of sending your chain through your case - costing a lot more money..
  9. lneil06

    110/100-18 Rear Tire Anyone?

    The MITAS C-18 - Green Stripe is another excellent tire - which will be my next tire once my MITAS 946 wears out. http://www.mitas-moto.com/en/mitas-moto/products/motorcycle--off--road--tires/cross--country--tires/c-18--super--light These tires are designed to handle everything you can throw at it..
  10. lneil06

    110/100-18 Rear Tire Anyone?

    Don't waste your money! Unless you like changing tires frequently. We had 2 of them this past year and the knobs ripped off at the base after 1 ride. Grass was getting embedded at the base and Kenda won't warranty them. I have had very good luck with the MITAS 946 ice and snow - surprisingly it holds up exceptionally well in all types of conditions.
  11. GO HERE !! https://www.ktmandhusky.com/ They will describe everything you need to do to your bike - including the end cap..
  12. Check your float height !! The motor hanging and not coming down when idling - it's running lean.. I ran into a problem where I went through numerous needles and jet changes - come to find out the plug at the bottom of the bowl was cracked causing severe inconsistency running.
  13. lneil06

    Possessed by the devil CR250, jetting woes

    I had a carb problem with a fast as 300.. after spending a ton of money, new top end, jet kit, exhaust repacking, new carb boots, float height adjustments, and so on.. I found the 2 major issues- float height and cracked float bowl plug (bottom cover to get to jets without pulling the carb bowl).
  14. lneil06

    limitations of a dirtbikes?

    I have to say - the trail managers here shutdown trails when they are too wet so they won't get destroyed and won't require a lot of time to repair.