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  1. crazyadam

    VStrom 650 clutch won't release

    Yep it was just that new clutch feeling. I took a few hotlaps and she loosened right up. She seems like a decent commuter bike, but not much more power than a 450, So.... I'd stick slicks on my 450 and have more fun.
  2. Hello. 06 WeeStrom, (my Bosses bike) Clutch to the bar, and its still spins the rear tire, enough that its tough to stop with my hand. Cable is adj. min. free movement, But enough. New Discs, and Plates, No groves on the hub, or basket. New springs. Honda MC 10w30 oil Does a new clutch have to be broken in? It was rebuilt cause he smoked the clucth on a mountain trip, and it started slipping under heavy power. Now its hard to find neutral while running. I said "So What". not the answer he was looking for. Ride it and see? Or what else could it be?!?! thanks everybody! Adam
  3. crazyadam

    Travis P At It Again

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Opb7KLju5Us Windham riding over his pond, for transworld. try it! It is fun! Adam
  4. crazyadam

    a polaris quad problem, no spark.

    ITS ALIVE!!!! I found a bad wire going to the CDI, Maybe it shorted?!?! Either way, it was a bad CDI. Runs great with a Ricks motorsport electronics 50$ CDI. It has 1 extra wire but I taped it off and ran it! Oh well, just thought I'd tell some one. Thanks again Guys! Adam
  5. crazyadam

    is this a good deal, whats next?

    http://motoman393.thumpertalk.com/tech/valves.html Motoman!!!! What a great kid! we miss ya! Guess what I found out............. 2 strokes suck 1 Cause they are cheaper to maintain. fix em' alot more often 2 Because CC to CC they are much better race motors. DUH! 3 They don't have dull/boring power like 4-strokes. what you smokin? 4 They are more fun to ride. than what? 5 Pre-mix is one of the best smells on earth. what you smokin? 6 They sound better. than rap! 7 They're lighter. I'm a man, I dont care about weight. 8 Real men ride 2-strokes Not all of em! 9 Because thats their choice, and it is a free country. YUP!!! 1 We're here becuase all you thumper lovers get soo annoyed. not really. 2 Because its prob the biggest dirtbike forum around. Sorry had to do it. Adam All that matters is we can all go out and ride, have fun, and love life!!!
  6. She was topless, wearing crotchless panties, and having an orgasm in public, not my idea of a Spokesperson. They have every Legal right to fire her, and yes, this will probably end up being profitable for her. BTW Howard Stern, and his show disgust me to the point of Its only my opinion. Can't stand opie and or Anthony show either. Oh well, I'm off to work!
  7. crazyadam

    is this a good deal, whats next?

    how hard does he ride the bike, how much does he ride? 1 grand sounds ok to me. I have an 03 450, and after rebuilding it, I have 3 years on the same valve adjustment, and they have hardly moved. (Still well within the clearance) Same piston for 3 years. But if he raced hard and often, your looking at another grand to rebuild. it is very easy to check the valves. just search for the instructions, and buy a good set of feeler gauges. valve shims are about 5$ each x5 valves. Unless you need new valves, seats, seals. I suggest going Hinson for a new clutch cage and basket, they last longer. I could have the motor out, cases split, every bearing out, and clean, in 3 hours. why the heck do people want to go back to 2 smoke, and if so... try... www.smokesuckertalk.com this is THUMPERTALK!
  8. crazyadam

    a polaris quad problem, no spark.

    Thanks for the advise. I was worried about that as well, and have been using my new pull cord. I have been yanking hard, trying to get enough oomph, still no luck. how do I test the stator? Or I'll send it to Ricky Stator, and they can test, repair it. Wanna buy a quad?
  9. crazyadam

    a polaris quad problem, no spark.

    new coil, still the same, 1 spark out of 30 cranks, not good. I guess I'll test the stator.
  10. crazyadam

    a polaris quad problem, no spark.

    The kill switch tested OK. Some corrosion on the connections, but not bad. I took the switch apart and cleaned it, but still only got 2 weak sparks in 20 seconds of cranking. I hope its a the coil. any advise?
  11. crazyadam

    a polaris quad problem, no spark.

    I will operate on the kill switch tonight. It works (WORKED), it starts, and shuts off, lights, etc, But if it has a bad connection, it could still not allow a spark? I guess I'm glad I know why my 4wd wasn't working! I spent a few hours cleaning the hubs, and changing the gear oil, and was mad that nothing changed. Thanks! Adam
  12. I had good luck with the EVS brace, but had to replace them every year. 6 years after surgury now, blown up Scaphoid. I don't use a brace anymore! good luck with your wrist! Adam
  13. 2000 sportsman 500. I have tried a bunch of other sites and people....... no luck But I always get good info from my friends at TT! It was running, then plop, it stalled. I thought maybe bad gas. Nope. 3 hours later carb out, and it was clean, then stupid spark plug!!! what a pain to remove. I got 1 good spark after 3 revs, then 40 more revs.... No spark. Stator and pulse gen. are clean. I will start by replacing the coil, I found a new one on ebay. 130$ at dealer, 30$ on web. Then.. If that does not work, a rebuild of the stator? I have not heard of problems with the CDI. Who knows.? ( Do You? ) And second problem. 4WD does not come on when it should. (It Rarely works at all) I read somewhere the speedo needs to tell the computer its OK to turn the front wheels. It is a wire driven speedo. My speedo is broken. does this make any sense to you?
  14. crazyadam

    I wanna 4 stroke!!! scorpa won't start!

    160 psi comp. good reeds. My buddy and I are staring at the bike, mumbling.... it has to run, HAS TO! So we pulled it with the quad, and as soon as he held the throttle wide open, she started, and he wheelied past me, and stalled!!!!! 2nd try, it started and cleaned it self out, And ran good! So I hooked the anaolg control box back up, and it sarted 1st kick!!!! back to trials practice! We came to the conclusion that I flooded it. She deserved a good cleaning and check up! Thanks guys! Adam
  15. crazyadam

    I wanna 4 stroke!!! scorpa won't start!

    thanks Guys! I have already pulled and cleaned the kill switch, and connector. I plan on replacing it because the rubber is starting to dry rot. but the brass was clean. I bypassed the Analog control (ignition curve control) between the cdi and coil,....... no go. still won't start. still getting spark, but I think its weak. So... I belive I need a Stator.