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  1. Bdub600

    XR650L tire's

    I believe you made a good choice. put Kenda K270's some on my xl600 and they did pretty well in the dirt. finess in the hills is important- don't break them loose or you'll come to a stop. good for an all around tire and decent on single track in the mostly dry conditions I ride. they also last 3K or more dependand on your wrist control
  2. Bdub600

    base line carb on 1987 XL600R

    Horri is correct as usual on the jetting (and everything else he posts). I just installed a 65 pilot in my 83 xl600 about 45 minutes ago. I ordered it from the local bike shop once I found the number. for mains I am running 128's and it ran great with the stock 58 pilot but isn't as jumpy in the mid RPM's with the 65- waiting for cool down to check the plug. it is also 80 degrees here and I am used to running in colder spring weather. I might try 125 second main. I bought all my mains on line at powersportsplus.com The Main numbers I show are: 125's 99101-GHB1250 128's 99101-4431280 Have fun with the project. hope you can reap rewards soon
  3. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    UPDATE on 83 XL600 Muffler. I happened to see an old FMF Mega Max II on ebay that was off an 84 XL600 and looked life it would easily slide on. And since I have a friend with an 87, I figured one of us could use it, so I bid and won it. I was concerned with the noise level, but here are the results: - Sound- this fairly quiet at idle and not loud at all when ya gun it. I am surprised it isn't louder. FYI it has the "badge" or sperk arrester on the tail and 10 disks installed - Performance- as you know I was pleased with the results previously published on "un-corking" the XL 600 and how the CRF 250 muffler worked after I bumped up the main jets (I am currently running 128-128 and it works well). So how about the Mega MaxII? Even better! I always felt my mid range acceleration was better than higher RPM pull and wondered if that was nature of the beast (or BRP) or if exhaust was contributing. Well- it now does equally well at mid RPM's and better on the highs! WOW, it wheelies easier and holds better as I hit higher RPM's. I am not sure how the old FMF Mega Max II compares to newer FMF like the powercore 4, but I love my set up! My friend will get the other muffler
  4. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    Horri, that sounds great- a bit quieter and it passes the exhaust freely- thanks for taking the time to figure that out! I like to sound without the diffuser, but also like the quieter option. Much appreciated. I have been having fun with the bike un-corked ;0)
  5. Bdub600

    My Piggie won't start

    I also struggled for years with soldering. Even bought a solder gun so I would have more power/ heat. And I hate to admit I soldered as a part of my job fixing computers. But then I got a good powerful solder iron and as long as the tip is clean, it produced great connections. I like to use a hot gun and get in quick and get out. also use a clip or locking pliers for a heat sync- because excessive heat will burn up small, heat sensitive components.
  6. I have a place in some very remote country but still pass houses on my way to great riding. My boys and friends all ride slow and quiet past the houses and nobody complains. There was past complaints due to noise. Let's try to keep the peace and enjoy the riding. We limit noice by not having loud mufflers but still manage good performance.
  7. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    thanks Horri, i believe that's good news- so I can leave the "diffuser" out and still not cause a fire in the woods because the spark arrester is still installed. And the diffuser has only 1 torx holding it on mine. Update- I am now running 125/125 on mains and looking to bump the L carb to 128. plug is still light gray/tan and it's running great. I usually wear ear plugs while riding and love the exhaust note- definately not that loud without the diffuser. /Brian
  8. Bdub600

    1996 honda xr200 lights?

    If the XR already has a battery and stator that can run lights, I would look around at XR's or XL's with lights and log the bike's make and year. then I would watch ebay for the parts and fabricate. If you don't have a stator with lighting capability, it's more work. If you have a stator, you could call somewhere like Ricky stator and ask about an upgraded stator for running lights, but IMO it's not trivial to make it all work well. RS and other companies have after-market lights and may have advice.
  9. Bdub600

    After wash maintenance

    For the dual sport, I ride dirt probably 30 times a year and do thorough cleaning with pressure hose, scrub brushes and even wax, probably twice per year. The only negative IMO is that if your not cleaning it, your not inspecting it for loose bolts or cleaning the air filter, etc... Street bike- I wipe the dust off before I ride or clean and wax (often) if it's dirty. I carry a water spray bottle and soft paper towels for bug duty on multi-day rides.
  10. Bdub600

    Ktm freeride 350!

    well I appreciate the way the video was done- nice riding compared to my skill (or lack of).
  11. Bdub600

    Show your PIG

    nice work Chance! Have a nice ride. What elevation do will you normally ride? Since it is set up for 7k feet and newly rebuilt, have you checked the plug to make sure it is not running lean? just a thought.
  12. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    Thanks Voodoolord and Horri- I will check into a larger stock Pilot and consider opening up the spark arrester. I loke the sound without the SA and am surprised it's not louder- definately quieter that FMF and other aftermarket even w/o the SA. This is gat input for my winter fiddling (and preparing for summer). A close friend has an 87, which he bought to ride with me. we leave 300+ mile apart but get together a couple times a year to ride- and it is always WOT, going through the gears like teenagers. but next summer I expect to leave him in the dust; then and only then-help him un-cork his.
  13. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    good info Horri- thanks. The starting and performance is good, so I may not worry about upping the pilot. having the richness screw helps at idle. I will keep the pilot URL in case I decide to go that direction. I am going to try the mains at 125, 125 and see how she does. Thanks again.
  14. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    my msg this morning didn't go thru. good luck on Xmas. Nope, I have not moved the needle clips- actually wasn't sure if they had clips, but I believe you. other option is shimming the mains. I have not had any recent pinging issues, just slow to accelerate until it was "un-corked". Does the 83 have pilot jets or just the richness screw on the left? I seem to notice quicker deceleration when I let off the gas which could be needle jet not letting enough in.
  15. Bdub600

    NICE! 83 XL 600 with new muffler & jetting

    Good luck on xmas. I have not moved the clip and wasn't sure if these had clips or if you needed to shim the mains. I also get no pinging (knock on wood) in higher gears but have had a bit of hesitation at times in the past. My biggest issue was the slow pull or acceleration- felt like a 600 should do better and now it does. I notice when I let off on the throttle it seems to slow the engine more quickly now, being un-corked and with bigger mains. I believe needle work might help that- not sure. all in all- runned very good. Also, silly question- does the 83 have a pilot or just the richness screw on the left side?