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    A-loop Conversions: FAQ, Thoughts, Feedback, ect.

    Yes and no. On the bike in a neutral position, I can get both my feet flat on the ground with either seat. Comparing the seats side by side on the floor puts the A-loop seat about 1" taller until the XR forms its old-school banana, then the A-loop seat is lower by several inches . One thing to note is that the XR seat is flat like a board, whereas he A-loop seat is tapered. The flat profile makes me have to widen my stance slightly to get both feet flat, whereas the A-loop allows for a more normal stance, owning to the fact that the seat is narrower at the top of the seat. The really big difference in seat height is at the front of the seat. With the A-loop, I can get both feet flat on the ground, while having my feet ahead of the pegs. Pretty much impossible for me to do with the XR seat. I have to cram my balls into the seat and angle my legs forward over the pegs to even attempt this. Not comfy, especially while riding.
  2. I recently did a A-loop conversion on my '01 XR250R. When I first started doing the research into the kit here, I found much of the info I was looking for was scattered across a nuber of different threads, some of which started off having nothing to do with the kit. So, for future reference, would you guys be interested in doing a pinned thread specifically for the XR250/400 A-loop kit? FAQ's, feedback, thoughts, ect.? I'll start it off. 2001 XR250R, 6'1"/185lb rider, non-racer A-loop Kit, paired w/ 2006 CRF450R front fender, Polisport MX rear fender and headlight Stock motor and carb, uncorked and rejetted, 13/52 gearing Forks: .45kg/mm front springs w/ 10mm spacers, 7wt oil@ 85mm, light revalve Shock: stock spring, light revalve, don't remember where my sag is Main riding is tight, technical woods riding Three things to note right away about this kit: 1. Do not expect OEM-grade fit and finish. I am not saying this is a poor quality kit, quite the opposite actually. The kit complete changes the core pieces involved with the overall feel and body positioning of the bike, and is made to fit two different bikes for one kit. There will be some places where it could be better, namely where the shrouds mount to the tank, but they are small in comparison to what the kit gives you in return. The seat retainer bolts can take some fiddling to get in if seat and/or tank are out of place. 2. With going to MX-style plastics, expect MX-style clearances around places you need to access, namely the RH petcock, spark plug, and tank mounting bolts. Not a big issue (more of me being a whiner), but worth a heads-up that wearing gloves to switch the petcock off on a hot bike is a good idea, and that getting to the spark plug is slightly more difficult, but not as difficult as a full-blown MX'er. Also, like a MX'er, the tank in the kit is .8 gal smaller than OEM, so please take this into consideration if you do long trips or desert riding. The seat, while narrower, still is wide enough for comfortable seating, at least for the amount I do. Please note that YMMV on this, everyones tush is different. 3. The aluminum shroud brackets, (called "z brackets") will bend easily under abuse and/or crashes. I did wreck one of my shrouds because of this, and I will be replacing these with heavier steel pieces soon. First looked at the kit when my original plastics had seen better days and the seat foam was sagged out. The stock setup for me was a little frustrating since I just couldn't quite ever get far enough forward to the front to really make the front tire stick with confidence, especially with stiffer springs than stock (I was running a set of .41kg/mm springs w/12mm spacers at the time). This turned really annoying with studded tires on ice where being able to load the front up really helps with turning. Also, the banana seat at the tank always seemed to suck me into it, and having long legs it felt very awkward. So I waited until the tax return came in, and ordered myself a kit with a couple goodies on the side, namely a couple MX style fenders and a Polisport headlight. Out of the box everything looked pretty good, not much for complaints other than that the fit and finish of the aluminum seat brackets and z brackets could have been rounded off for a cleaner look (which I later did myself.) Instructions read quite well, could have been clearer for orientation the saddle bracket on the tank, note that the post is to go toward the fuel cap. I recommend subbing the zip tie on this piece with some heavy SS tie wire, lots stronger and lower profile under the seat pan. Also, replacing the fuel lines with some clear/transparent line is good idea to consider, but not a necessity. Some fo the hardware included (i.e. bolts, screws) I replaced with other parts from my own stuff, mainly on the shroud pieces, and the tank mounting bolts. Installation went well, very straight forward to do. The front rubber tank spacer will need to be "beefed up" to compensate for the new tank. I ended up wrapping part of an old inner tube around it and taping it into place. Not the cleanest, but you're going to be the only person to see it, so no biggie. The hose barb on the RH petcock clears the frame by about 1", so the hose will bend very sharply here. It clears enough on mine that it won't kink. I also passed my transfer line over the carb, easiest routing for it to go. The shrouds will have to be fiddled with for them to line up properly on the tank. I recommend finding some fender washers to bolster the screws when installing the shroud to the tank. I did do some trimming to the shrouds to see I could get them to fit cleaner, did help a bit. Inital feel on the first ride was really nice. Being able to get forward on the bike was a huge plus for me, exactly what I was looking and hoping for from the kit. Can very easily carve a smooth arc and let the rear step out to support it, very nice indeed. No awkward feeling when getting forward on the bike anymore to set up for corners. Secondly, huge benefit being able to get over the front much further, much easier for studded tires and hill climbs. Also not having the banana seat void and being able to freely move front to rear on the bike has made riding technical areas much easier. Thirdly, huge confidence boost, plus the bike gets cool graphics, and everyone knows that makes any bike go faster and make more power! Overall, great kit, really enjoy having it on my bike! I will post more info and pics as they come.
  3. Kiffer_XR250R

    Did James Stewart's Mother Really Post this?

    I don't think the big league sports will care either. Here's my two cents on it. What happened to Jeff Emig when he got busted for weed and drinking? Kawi dropped his factory contract, and his career basically died overnight, and damn near everyone stopped the partying after races. I think this is going to have a similar effect thru the rest of the riders, just that we might not ever hear about it or see it.
  4. Kiffer_XR250R

    Kenny better make the most of it!

    There is two factory supported Suzuki teams (RCH and Yoshimura), and JS is leaving Yoshimura after 2015. Nice time to get a good rider in and prep him to be the main man for '16.
  5. Kiffer_XR250R


    Anybody consider Durham? After what he did in New Orleans, I wouldn't be surprised.
  6. Kiffer_XR250R

    Positive Drug Test from SX season

    Thing I really find funny is that WADA states (according to MXA) "Athletes must also be cautious of some energy drinks, as they may contain stimulants that are on the WADA Prohibited List, and could cause a positive anti-doping test. Know what you are drinking – check out the link below." What team and/or rider in the series isn't sponsered by an energy drink? I can only thing of a couple small privateers. Hell, the whole damn SX series itself is sponsored by Monster. Really funny.
  7. Kiffer_XR250R

    Kenny better make the most of it!

    Which one? They're all like American beer, might as well be water….. Who said he's going to RCH? I hope you didn't talk to Tye about it.
  8. Trying to slim my toolkit down a bit. I have been carrying a small bottle of Slime and an inflator for flats for the past while, and am wanting to lighten my load up a bit. I have used it before, worked no problem and very quickly, with no need to pull the tube out. Was wondering how a patch kit compared to it for a trail-side repair. I do ride year-round, and I know patch kits have trouble in cold weather. Opinions?
  9. Kiffer_XR250R

    2002 xr 250r fork rebuild

    That's what I'm shooting for.
  10. Kiffer_XR250R

    Roczen the new Champ? Little early?

    I'd say Barcia whould be a better example at this point. 2x SX East champ, decent outdoor 250 contender. Then he hops on the 450, wins 2 SX in two seasons, and can barely crack into the top 5 on a good day. Having seen enough from ET to tell yet how he's doing on the 450 IMO.
  11. Kiffer_XR250R

    I predict James Stewart will win the championship.

    Or when there aren't any photographers crossing the track.
  12. Kiffer_XR250R

    Reeds Fathers Day comments.

    I can count on one hand the number of times I've seen RV smile, not one of the "I'll smile because I'm expected to", but a real smile, and still have spare fingers.
  13. Kiffer_XR250R

    XR250R smokes and plug is black

    I thought the same thing on mine, turned out to be rings instead. I would. Pulling the jug isn't too difficult to check ring gaps, and a quick hone and new rings won't kill the engine either.
  14. Kiffer_XR250R

    2002 xr 250r fork rebuild

    I have a custom set of springs in mine .45kg/mm, and a 8mm spacer, oil level @ 80mm, lightly modded valving. Compression-wise the fork is good,could go a little stiffer on the compression, rebound-wise the action is too fast. I can hear and feel the fork top-out of a jump. Currently using 5w oil, will be switching to a 7w oil here soon.
  15. Kiffer_XR250R

    Insane Rumors!

    The surprising thing about that fact is that RD's bike wasn't one of them. That guy has the worst luck for mechanicals.