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  1. Countdown

    Lynx Lake ride report

    Does any one collect GPS Tracks of all this opportunity?
  2. Countdown

    Continental divide ride.

    You are on wrong message board. Go to AdvRider.com there are endless threads. I have GPS Tracks posted on GpsXchange.com
  3. Countdown

    Riding trails Carson Valley NV

    Something for just about every body out of Topaz http://www.dualsportwest.com/public/eventFlyers/15%20Topaz.pdf
  4. Countdown

    Help with wiring xr600r

    I would just make a simple standard battery system. Add a simple general purpose Ignition Switch that kills (grounds) the ignition when Off and powers the tail, turn sigs, and brake lights when On and then a headlight off/lo/hi switch that is fed from tail.
  5. Countdown

    Riding trails Carson Valley NV

    I ride Mt Patterson or Markleville to Topaz
  6. Countdown

    Deciphering trail names in National Forest?

    It is trail # 16 starting in township 3N.
  7. Countdown

    Anyone ever ride Alamo, NV?

    I don't go anywhere BITD had been, it is trashed. They have ruined most roads in western Nevada.
  8. Countdown

    Husky te 610

    Giant TE 610 thread on AdvRider;com More than you ever want to know.
  9. Countdown

    GWT Rio Verde to I17-169 junction

    Wow I didn't see enough signs to follow. In Utah, there would not be a sign at an intersection then a mile down the road there would be one. Perhaps many of them are now in peoples garages.
  10. Countdown

    Trails near Noxon, MT

    I know of one south of Noxon. We pass thru there on Mex2Can.com
  11. Countdown

    GWT Rio Verde to I17-169 junction

    Who's route did you follow? I have ridden from Nogales to West Yellowstone and posted tracks on GPSXchange.com You would probably get some response if you posted your ride on AdvRider.com
  12. Countdown

    Floating ground question

    Ground is not actually the correct term for your question. Most motorcycles use actual wire for the "return" from all small loads after the full wave rectifier/regulator (converts AC to DC) back to the battery. It really doesn't matter if this system is connected to chassis or not. EXCEPT for an electric start system which always uses the Chassis for the return from the starter back to the battery so the negative of the battery must be connected to Chassis or at least the engine. The one rule is that you can not connect one side of the stator to chassis and also the negative side after the rectifier/regulator. Although the term "ground" is used a lot on isolated vehicles, it really only refers to an Earth connection of AC power systems.
  13. Countdown

    GPS recommendations?

    Very well known problem with the RAM 60 cradle, just on of many reasons to get 76Cx instead.
  14. Countdown

    Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route

    Mike, If you are young enough and good enough the 650s can be ridden on the hard stuff. My largest bike was a TE610 (other than Triumph Desert Sled when starting) but just too much work to keep up with friends on better bikes especially when your are almost 70. Now have 525 EXC, almost the perfect bike except my CRF230 with chain saw rack for the really hard stuff. I drive 1,000 to 1,500 miles just to get to trail so it is in Van Conversion motorhome with KTM on rack on back. I still put 30,000 miles of dirt only on Husky in 6 years. Read again, all my tracks are in Private Libraries where you do not need to post a file to download. I only post .gdb so you really need some GPS software with maps on our PC. Ye,s in a new area I try to find paper maps, mainly MVUMs so I know what is legal and to get the big picture. Then I hand draw tracks on PC of every good looking route, then download them into GPS, then go riding. You can not believe how much faster it is to just look down at GPS to see which way to go at any given intersection. If you like long point to point, check out my Mex2Can.com We first laid it out in 1999 before GPS, it took forever with paper maps. Same process but highlighted paper map, then get it laminated, then go ride, and stop at every other intersection to look at map. I did GWT in less that three years with 2-3 trips a year. BTW many threads on AdvRider about AZBDR. Jerry
  15. Countdown

    Arizona Backcountry Discovery Route

    Mike, Could be on different pages, what kind of bike are you riding? If you are on anything larger than 550 the BDR is good route to follow. If on a Dual Sport bike, I spend days riding and scouting each possible option, eliminating all possible pavement, and then down select to best way to go. Example, I have all dirt north out of Globe and DBR goes up the highway for miles. I even have very difficult single track option. The fact is that the whole world is going GPS tracks to communicate routes because it is free. The BDR guys use maps because that is the only thing they can sell. Jerry