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  1. Treebark

    can i grind 530exc-r valves to repair

    I grinded a set from a 525 and has done fine a year and counting. Can't do alot of grinding before they'll be out of specs so just little bit to clean the faces. If they're warped or out of round you can forget it.
  2. Treebark

    How to remove Needle Vavle and Seat?

    Needs to be reinstalled so it provide the correct resistance/voltage. If you have a Ohm-voltmeter you can reset it. Rough setting: would position the TPS to provide 0-2k OHMs resistance between the terminals of TPS. Have a good New Year.
  3. Treebark

    idles but nothing else

    Sounds like a carb problem. Sounds like main and/or pilot jet is plugged again. Pilot (mixture) screw supplies fuel mostly til throttle is cracked, accel pump provides supply til pilot jet takes over up to about 1/4 throttle, after 1/4-1/2 throttle the needle valve (which regulates the supply of fuel flowing threw Main jet), 1/2- wide open the main jet is controling factor. One other thing to mention is that the mixture screw pulls fuel from pilot jet, but once the throttle opens the fuel is also pulled through another port in body along with the mixture screw. Did you pull each jet out and clear passages?
  4. Treebark

    What is supposed to be here?

    That slot is supposed to be empty. The nuetral switch is below the front countershaft sprocket. The clutch and nuetral switches run to a cutoff relay, which allow power to flow threw starter relay. If you are obtaining correct voltage at the battery, and solenoid is clicking, then there should be a drop in voltage when the button is depressed. If voltage does not drop then check wire attached to starter mine was corroded pretty bad and was a little loose. If there is a drop and it is under 10 volts then you have a battery or starter problem.
  5. Treebark

    a exhausting question for you

    I have been using an YZ pipe. Can get one from ebay cheap and it will increase throttle response and HP. 2004-05 are the same not sure about 06.
  6. Treebark

    How to remove Needle Vavle and Seat?

    That does not come out. Look at the link given by WR DAVE. Good reference with pics. The screen is there, just blow threw the screen to clear any debris. I have an 04 parts breakdown and I only see a needle valve available not the seat.
  7. Treebark

    How to remove Needle Vavle and Seat?

    Yes, that is what I meant. I was trying to figure out what situation you were having. You can pull with pliers and get a new one. Make sure it comes out with the rubber tip attached otherwise before you re-install new needle the seat needs to be cleaned. Any uneven surface will cause fuel to leak by.
  8. Treebark

    Soaking Carb???? Please help.

    I would just stick with soaking just the bottom half of the carb and try and get the needle out, that is where your problem is. If you do not have a manual and want to take the rest of the carb apart, I recommend to take pictures before you remove each part for reference.
  9. Treebark

    How to remove Needle Vavle and Seat?

    NO LOL. The needle must be stuck in the body. The ball you speak of? is where the retaining clip connects to?
  10. Treebark

    Soaking Carb???? Please help.

    depends on how grimy the carb is. Do 1-3hr intervals and a little tooth brush or pipe cleaner action would speed things up. You can leave cover on loosely or clean seperately if doesnt clean up. If Needle is stuck the diesel should help loosen up.
  11. Treebark

    E start squeal...

    Found a Bronze bushing at the local hard ware store and machined it (Bench grider and a drill)to fit case and armature shaft cost 35cents and about 1/2 hour. Haven't had any problems all year.
  12. Treebark

    Water sucking up the engine breather pipe

    Do you ever have to add water?
  13. Treebark

    aftermarket dip stick

    No I looked for one also when I lost mine. Had to purchase factory one. Cheapest one I found was from cyclepartsnation.com
  14. Treebark

    How to remove Needle Vavle and Seat?

    The needle is stuck in the body portion of the carb???
  15. Treebark

    Soaking Carb???? Please help.

    If can states will harm plastic and rubber do NOT soak in cleaner. Soak it in Kerosene or diesel fuel. This will loosen grime up enough to be removed by spray carb cleaner. Be sure to assemble correctly look at a manual or a parts diagram.