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  1. SoCA_DRZ

    My new ride

    I've only had it on the dirt a couple of times so far. Only had the bike for a couple of months. I want to do some offroad bike camping this summer. The skid plate is the SW-Motech. I liked it because the bottom is not powder coated, so it will not get all knicked up from rocks.
  2. SoCA_DRZ

    My new ride

    Nice, here's mine. They are fun bikes.
  3. SoCA_DRZ

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    Definitely in for RFK, so you're welcome to join us. That reminds me, I need to get my registration in. Let me know what you figure out for SLO. I'm already signed up, so it's a definite for me. Hit me up anytime you're looking for a riding buddy for CNF.
  4. SoCA_DRZ

    Advise about Chico & Chico State?

    I grew up in Nor Cal and the majority of the group that I hung out with in high school went to Chico when I went south to Long Beach State. Of the one's hat went there, only one ended up graduating from there. A couple of others ended up eventually graduating from other schools, but they were definitely on the long term plan. I had some great times visiting them though! As with any college, he will get out of it what he puts in. I just think Chico may have a few more distractions than most schools. Beautiful area though.
  5. SoCA_DRZ

    Saddleback Mountain/Maple Springs

    I almost called you to see if you wanted to hit it up yesterday, but I figured they would have closed the gates with the rain.
  6. SoCA_DRZ

    450 exc rfs vs rc4

    +1. Good advice there.
  7. SoCA_DRZ

    AMA D-37 gp's

    I am really bummed Prospectors is no longer doing the time keeper. Might as well sell my ICO since there's only one chance to use it now......
  8. SoCA_DRZ

    Plastic Skid plates? Any good?

    I run Hyde plates on all of my bikes. Lighter than metal, quieter than metal, and they let the frame flex as it's supposed to. Plenty strong enough to protect your frame tubes and cases. I ride in the rocky California desert and have zero issues with them. They also glide over rocks where aluminum will grab.
  9. SoCA_DRZ

    Klim Nac pak

    Anyone have a Klim Nac pak? I'm looking for a larger hydration system then what I currently have. I can't seem to find any pictures of what the inside of the tool pouch looks like or what the pocket set up is inside the bag. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  10. SoCA_DRZ

    Riding in Wildomar

    Here you go http://www.fs.fed.us/r5/sanbernardino/ap/vendors.php
  11. SoCA_DRZ

    We're back the Knuckleheads ride Area 52

    Nice! Looked like fun. Wish I could have made it!
  12. I think the biggest challenge there would be NIMBY(Not In My Back Yard) for most of those areas. It's a tough enough battle in the middle of the desert, I would think that there would be even more opposition in areas that are even closer to population. I'd love to be able to ride the Badlands again. There was some great stuff back in there when you could ride it.
  13. SoCA_DRZ

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    No clue. I only rode from camp to the first check to work it, and then to the second check to pull ribbon. But, there wasn't much sand on what I rode.
  14. SoCA_DRZ

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Will be a dark blue Tundra with a couple of KTM's and a white F-150 with a KTM. I think you know Joe, JFGJR he's the one in the white F-150. I'll pm you my cel # as we usually get service out there.
  15. SoCA_DRZ

    Intermediate Weekend Rides - LA Area - Ongoing

    Staging at Anderson, same place as the pits for the race. Plan on being there by 8:30, or soon thereafter.