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  1. Yeah, I kinda knew the answer. I just needed someone else to say it.
  2. I was having a hard time starting my WR450 and I decided to check the valves. The Exhast were in specs. However, all three intakes were so tight I could not even get a .03mm/.001in feeler gage under them. I did the math and I would need a 1.20mm shim to get them in tolerane. A 1.20 is the thinnest shim made. Do you think my intake valves are stretched too much? Over the years I have had to put thinner shims on the intake side. I am starting to think I need to do a complete rebuild on the bike, even though I have no issues with the motor. It has a LOT of miles/hours on it. It still has the original piston in it. Or should I replace the shims for another season and wait......?
  3. Just put a set on my old 04' WR450 with rims that are slightly bent. Rode over 150 miles in the rocky Mojave Desert without an issue. 11psi in the front and 10 psi in the rear. Great traction and I not had a flat or any issues. Rode over 1000 miles on my 13' KTM 500EXC on two set of tires with no issues. Highly recommended.
  4. There should be a marking on the Barrel above the intake. You can go a size up, but not a size down.....
  5. Second set of tires with Tubliss on my KTM 500EXC. No issues. Follow directions getting them off and on. Works great. Just rode a 100 mile trip in San Bernadino Mountains. Worked great with my New Motoz "Tractionator" Rear Tire. Putting Tubliss on my WR450 next. I am a believer....
  6. Radio Shack??? Good luck with that since they are out of business...... What type of bike are you talking about? What is the issue?
  7. I use Rocky Mountain for a lot of my purchases, for my Shock and Fork Servings business. Believe it or not, they are cheaper than most places and being in CA, no Tax is important. A few years ago, they changed from UPS to On-Trac. They also lower their threshold on the minimum order. I am assuming that they got a good contract with On-Trac to make that switch. My only complaint has been the delivery times. On-Trac is not consistent. They come as early as 8:00am and as late as 10:00pm. The UPS, FedEx and USPS all come the same times everyday. Free shipping is an important feature. Having a small business, I have included free shipping into my Product cost, even though it eats into the margins, but it appears to be important to the customer. They don't like added costing.
  8. Thanks for your thoughts: I am going to try the 130/90x18 Tube Type Motoz Tractionator Enduro on my KTM 500 and the 120/100x18 Motoz Arena on my WR450. I had the 120/100X18 Motoz Hybrid on my KTM 500 and I liked it for wear, but I would rather have a little more traction on dirt.
  9. Has anyone used this tire and size on their KTM 500 EXC 130/90x18 Tube Type Motoz Tractionator Enduro I/T? I have used a 120/100X18 and a 140/80X18 is the stock size, but I have not tried a 130/90X18 tire size. Is there any difference?
  10. I think the aftermarket water pumps on the KTM is a waste of money. The KTM design is fair at best and the aftermarket stuff does not provide much improvement. However, you should always make sure the water pump seal is still good. Always check for coolant in your oil after every change. I am aware of several KTM's that had coolant loss due to a worn seal.
  11. You should first change your radiator cap. The 2013 models were notorious for having defective caps.
  12. Boyesen makes a water pump impeller and cover, but that's not the real problem. The seal is poor design. Hoping there would be something better out there. Unfortunately, it sounds like a PM every 100 hours now. That's about when they both went out.........
  13. I have recently replaced a water pump seal on my brother's 13 500 EXC. Last year I had to replace the same seal on my 13 500 EXC. Is this a common issue with motor? It seams the design is a little suspect. I have used the OEM replacement kit on both bikes. I was unable to find any aftermarket upgrades for the water pump assembly. Any thoughts?
  14. A group of us usually go riding in the Mammoth area in the beginning of June. However, due to the snow conditions this year we are going to venture down in the Bishop area and try to ride the White Mountain and the lower elevations. Has anyone had experience in these regions? If so, drop me a line for the 411. Thanks...JVP