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  1. JVP

    Coolant Overflow tank question

    A better option: https://www.ebay.com/itm/DDR-Coolant-Recovery-Overflow-Tank-2-4-Stroke-MotoX-Motorcycle-ATV-Dirt-Bike/183455485575?hash=item2ab6cc8e87:g:zLgAAOSwDkBbq-ET:sc:USPSFirstClass!91941!US!-1:rk:2:pf:0
  2. The other day I got an email from RM/ATV regarding KTM kickstands. Basically it said they were sell a replacement Kickstand "When" your OEM kickstand fails. Having my 13 500EXC for the past 5 plus years, I thought it was kind of weird because I never had an issue with it. This last weekend while riding in Lake Arrowhead, I parked my bike on flat ground to take a break. A minute later, I saw my bike take this extremely slow fall to the ground. To my surprise, the Kickstand failed. I guess Karma Kicked in...…..
  3. Yeah.... I don't think the empirical evidence supports your theory. Bikes need air flow and circulation. Dirt bikes are notorious for having poorly designed water pumps and having the radiators so close to the engine and header pipes reduces efficiency. That is why most higher end bikes are putting fans on them and a coolant recovery tank is a good option.
  4. https://www.ebay.com/itm/DDR-Coolant-Recovery-Overflow-Tank-2-4-Stroke-MotoX-Motorcycle-ATV-Dirt-Bike/183455485575?hash=item2ab6cc8e87:g:zLgAAOSwDkBbq-ET:sc:USPSFirstClass!91941!US!-1
  5. JVP

    2003 WRF450 electrical issue

    It also could be your starting relay module. Then tend to go bad on the 03-04 due to age....
  6. JVP

    KTM Fork Seal Issue

    SKF seals are the one of the best out on the market. I work on suspension as a side business and never had complaints about their quality. If you are compressing the forks during trailering, it might be a good idea to get fork bleeders. This will let out the compressed air and take the stress off the forks. Several factors causing a seal to fail. A nick in the tube, over compression, and mud/dirt. Keeping the forks and wipers clean is your best way to stop a seal failure.
  7. JVP

    Tubliss Tire System

    Yeah, "In theory", but I don't think it works that way. I was just reading an article about car tires and nitrogen and thought it may apply to the Tubliss System.
  8. JVP

    Tubliss Tire System

    Has anyone thought about using Nitrogen to fill the inner tube? Since Nitrogen Atoms are larger than Oxygen Atoms it may make a difference in the loss of air pressure.
  9. JVP

    Tubliss Tire System

    It is true, they recommend only two have the tube for one year. However, I going on over two without an issue. I carefully inspect my tube system every time I change to new tires.
  10. JVP

    Coolant Overflow

    That is an old style Motion Pro Coolant Recovery Tank. There are better alternatives. Google Dirt Bike Recovery Tank.
  11. JVP


    Mostly deceleration popping. It does Backfire on occasion. I put a new diaphragm in the ACV and a new O-Ring gasket. I am confident that it should be working. The 04 WR never had a AIS system. I agree, there must be some sort of Air Leak, but I can not isolate it.
  12. JVP


    OK. I have completed a lot work on the Carb. I replaced the plunger on the Hot Start and replaced the Choke with new parts. I also replaced the ACV diaphragm. I got the bike running well and it now idles. I still having trouble with the backfire. I raised the Needle by one clip and reduced the Pilot from a 48 to a 50. These have made improvements, but it still backfires but not as severe. Any thoughts?
  13. JVP


    How can you test if the Hot Start is not fully closed? I do think the Hot Start does not "Feel" right when I pull on it.
  14. JVP


    I have an 04 WR450. I have been having problems with the FCR CARB. The bike will not start unless the choke is out and it will not hold idle when the choke is in. This occurs even if the bike is warm. The hot Start does effect the starting or idling when the choke is in. It does make the bike sound smoother when the choke is out. The bike backfires real bad when the choke is in and not so much when the choke is out. The bike has a new top end rebuild and I did replace the seals and gaskets on the CARB. All of the Carbs jets are clean and. My diagnosis I got some sort of air leak, but I do not know where. Any ideas? Thanks..