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    Building a WR426 or 450 SM (street legal)

    fatty k, i did the above to my 03 wr450 and can honestly say its the best bike ive owned, i have fitted the big 320m braking disc with the talon caliper bracket and found the brakes to be brilliant, (never boiled the fluid and have done four track days with some very heavy braking) took the ducati 748r out the other week and nearly sh%& myself when i hit the front brakes didnt think i was going to stop, you want spoked excels (preferably colored) with gold talon hubs and then throw some nice sticky dunlop 208's on there. if you can afford it get yourself a new zorst as the standard one sounds crap and gets in the way a bit with the wider rubber on the back. dont forget to stiffen the suspension especially onthe front otherwise the first time you grab a handfull of that big disc you might find yourself using a considerable amount of the travel. good luck and enjoy, steve
  2. maxat

    VOR 530 sme missfire

    hi guys, looking for some technical advise here regarding a 6 month old VOR 530 sme that has developed a missfire at 1/4 throttle, been back to the dealer, who done the carb clean, plug, etc... gave it back exactly the same! also noticed the oil was a bit milky, so changed that and the water level is down by about 100ml, had heard they were prone to head gaskets, would this explain all/some of the above, any help is greatly appreciated, thanks, steve
  3. maxat

    cooling system ??

    cheers edward, you have put my mind at rest anyway thanks, steve
  4. maxat

    cooling system ??

    looking for a bit of info here please, just started my bike up (wrf450) its been sitting idle for just over a week, noticed a small patch of coolant on the floor. it appears to be coming from the water pump breather hole underneath, is this normal and ive just noticed ? i know the crf's do it ! thanks in advance... steve
  5. maxat

    Catch Tank..........

    just fitted a catch tank to my wr450, its one of those small pop cans you get on airline flights (sprite), i have the five pipes from the carb and the overflow from the coolant catch bottle running into it, its mounted just above my drive sprocket on the frame, thats all that is required in the u.k.
  6. maxat

    Has anyone seen these bad boys?

    No i have'nt seen these at any of the meetings so far, i admit they do look the doggy's do-da's, but a couple of kg's lighter big deal !!!! one less big mac for lunch ! they are definately street super-moto gear and at that money for the possers (my other bike is a ducati, cloudless skies etc)
  7. maxat

    Gear change problem wr450

    brian, my gear box was crap for the first 250 - 300 miles then it just loosened up and now its fine. steve
  8. here goes first post we have a lot of friends in the road-racing world (privatteers) who obviously struggle with the expense, and to stay near the top they are replacing tyres every meeting £ 180-200 a pair. the good thing is that most of these are road tyres and we can help them by buying the used (nicely scrubbed in) ones for £25-30 a pair. these are mainly dunlop 207r gp's which when run with 26 pound of pressure provide wonderfull grip and who cares if they only last 750-1000 miles (the back might be half that). my front is a 120 off an aprilia millie, and the back is a 150 off a superteen 125 or you can get the 160 off the 400 boys (4.25 rim). the road race boys are happy because they get nothing off the tyre man (well he actually charges them to get rid of them, and i know some are selling them on now to us supermoto boys) so its better to give it to the lads that need to bolster their race funds. just a shame dunlop are showing no interest in supermoto in the u.k, great tyres but only secondhand. steve