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  1. I've searched old posts for help, but haven't found this problem solved. Looking to add a Scotts dampener on top of the bar clamp, but this is where I mount my GPS 3+ with a RAM mount. I did not use the entire RAM mount, I skipped the "dog-bone" swivel parts and just used the GPS holder bolted direct to the bar clamps. This position currently keeps the GPS mounted low (below the # plate so branches don't tear it up, and it is easy to read and use. It has worked great for 2 years, but I need a stabilizer. I see my options as: 1. Mount dampner just over front fender and keep GPS as is. This makes adjusting the dampener on the fly a little tricky. 2. Put dampner on bar clamp, try RAM mount with swivel system "dog-bone". I didn't care for this bulky system, and it seems to take up all the cockpit room. I have KTM 520MXC with stock bars (no cross bar). Any creative ideas will be appreciated. DarrenS
  2. DarrenS

    Large capacity tank opinions

    I have the Clarke 4.3gal, fits great, and it's clear so easy to check fuel level. I didn't notice any change in riding position or feel on the bike. It also gives a great range 140+miles.