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    #155 main, with a different needle. #38 pilot. The 155 sounds lean but it's a different main jet setup and needle.
  2. opwan

    What the KXF#!*%# piece of junk!!!!!!!

    Yea it sucked this weekend, went all the way down to 2nd place with a flu ridden rider!
  3. opwan


    Het guys, I got the FMF jet kit and my problems are over. It's spot on now!
  4. opwan


    Ok, thanks I'll try it. Where is the KXF page??
  5. opwan


    I have also added a Yosh Ti-pipe, this changed the jetting also! Didn't think they could give me any suggestions under this configuration! Thanks
  6. opwan


    I'd agree on the #42 pilot, but a #165 main? Stock main is #178, are you sure?
  7. opwan


    Sitting still at idle in neutral. I'm thinking the pilot is too lean? Any advise would be helpful... Thanks
  8. Just installed a Vortec CDI box on my sons KX250F. It bogs on a quick throttle blip, then picks up quickly. Runs fine mid to top. Any jetting suggestions?
  9. It,s not leaking around the boot! It's getting in behind the screen gasket inside the airbox. I suggest you get it to a dealer soon!
  10. Our bike had only 8 hours on it! You need to tell the dealer to pull the head off and check for dirt in the cylinder. Mine was full of it. Got a brand new top end out of it at no charge though!
  11. No, It's just the KX-250F. The leak is around the airbox screen gasket. Kawasaki has issued a recall.
  12. Just got a 250F The airbox defect let dirt into my engine and needless to say screwed with my valves Just wondering if anyone else has had this problem??Kawasaki and Smokey Mountain Motorsports has been great about fixing the problem at no charge