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  1. thanks Jeenkins That is what I did yesterday. Now today I get to try and true them... The spacer should be tight against the bearings right? the spacer shouldnt be able to flop around inside the hub... I have to put bearings in a little more I take it..
  2. I am really bummed out that nobody here can reply or will reply on this thread! Real shady, I guess no one has ever laced a wheel before hmmm... I guess this site is for rich yuppies!!!!
  3. I am in the process of relacing my front wheel on my 2001 kx 250. I know there is inner and outer spokes, but on this front there ore only 9 outer spokes as the oem microfiche shows.Does anyone know what side these go on? The rotor or non rotor side? Thanks..
  4. Ok Get it...... I am going to just get new bearings... Still how to get old ones out????
  5. Hi. I am in the process of dissasembling my wheels to put on black Excel rims. I plan on powdercoating the hubs also. What is the best way to remove the bearings without damaging them? i dont want to beat the crap out of them and ruin them they are in excellent shape. The bike was never rode by the previous owner... Any help appreciated... John
  6. My 2001 does the same thing. Unless I am riding it every day it is fine. What I do is once it fires I tap the kill switch about 3 to 4 times. Then it will be fine. I have never fouled a plug either. That's why I say it isn't a lean condition otherwise it would do it every start up. Only first start on mine. Try the kill switch method
  7. I have a 2001 kx250. Looking to somehow put newer rad shrouds and side number plates. Does anyone know if this will work with little modification? I seen that I may need to buy new airbox?? Any ideas would be great thanks
  8. I guess I meant to say what year complete wheel? I am looking to get new hub and rim set
  9. I am looking for some new wheels for my 2001 kx 250 but cant seem to find any for this year. Anyone know which years will work with this bike? there is alot for 2003 and up I see. Thanks
  10. Thanks for the input. I will go with a pipe first then. Which pilot jet are you running? Do you know the clip position ? I am trying to keep this 85 in his interest as he rode with some Rm 85's this weekend and keeps talking about them. I will admit the Rm's did sound alot throatier and I asked one of the dads and he said it was all stock....
  11. hi. My son has a 04 cr85. I was wondering if it is worth it to change the reeds to aftermarket? And pipe, already have the r 302 shorty on it.I was looking into the boyesen reeds. I was also considering getting a whole new assembly like the v force 3 or Rad valve. It just seems underpowerd until it hits the powerband in the higher r's. I live in Michigan also. Anyone out there in a similar climate with some jetting specs would be good. Thanks......
  12. hi. I was wondering what all you guys run for tire pressure front and rear. I ride mostly soft terrain to medium. My buddies track has huge sand berms and I messed with the tire pressure now it seems to not handle nearly as good before I started. I dont know what was in there to start with. My suspension is all redone for my weight also. it was spot on before messing with it. I am about 195lbs.
  13. Hi there . I am writing this in regards to replacing the swingarm bearings on a 2000 Rm 250. It is actually my buddies bike and his swingarm adjuster bolts were frozen. so our other buddie had a swingarm from one of his other bikes he let him have. The bearings were shot, rusted . So I beat them out with a socket and wanted to know if the new bearings go in a certain way. Each end of the bearings look different. Do they go in from the inside or outside or doesnt it matter. I myself have been riding for years and just grease mine annually and I have never had any problems. Thanks
  14. Klotz r 50 always worked great. 32.1
  15. Thanks for all the info. My fingers are 1 inch each so I measured with a tape at the end of the chain slider,,, 2".. But I know it will stretch so I am going to keep the wrenches handy. Anyone have CHAIN LUBE preferences???? I am going to get some yomorrow just dont know which. I used to use Bel ray but was never really happy with it. Thanks again...
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