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  1. Hey dude, I resemble that remark. I'm both old and fat and enjoy trying to recapture my lost youth.
  2. I had the good fortune of growing up in rural North Alabama and still live here. During the 1980s you could get permission to ride almost anywhere. Fields, woods, dirt roads, or whatever. While there are a lot more houses around than there was way back then, there are still places that would make great riding spots. The problem is landowners are afraid to let people use their land. Whether it is a liability issue or if they are just worried about their land getting ruined, I'm not sure. When I was in my late teens and early twenties, I could leave my house on my dirtbike and ride for hours only crossing pavement two or three times. Most farmers would let you ride outer edges of fields and in any woods they had as long there was no livestock. Now everyone that owns plots of land big enough to ride have it posted. My backyard is adjacent to a hay field that is at least 75 acres and there is a corn/soy bean field across the road from my house that is about 100 acres. Either field would be awesome to ride the edges, but both are now fenced and have "No Trespassing" signs everywhere. So I load up and drive an hour and a half one way to an off-road park in North Georgia.
  3. I've waivered back and forth on numbers for several years. I did have some vinyl decals made with my nickname to put on the side plates. Fills the blank and personalizes my bike at the same time. Also considered some of the wilder decals from Lethal Threat but haven't pulled that trigger yet.
  4. Bone stock '09. Tuned up, cleaned up, and ready to ride.
  5. After 265K miles and 12 years I finally said goodbye to the old GMC Envoy. Found an '06 Silverado Z71 Crew Cab with 76K.
  6. Alajambama

    Loading dirtbike into truck!?

  7. This one is designed specifically for MX riding... http://www.nuttybuddy.com/motocross-safety.html
  8. Alajambama

    Just curious what everyone thinks of this?

    Blatent disregard for their own lives or the safety of their community. They know there is little to no chance they will pay the consequences for their stupidity. The one reason I can think of that so many posts sound like they have racist undertones is pretty obvious. THERE WERE NO WHITE FOLKS IN THAT VIDEO. I have watched many of these and it is not just Baltimore that it happens in. If I were to ride my dirtbike down the main drag of my small town whether riding a wheelie or not, I would at the very least get a ticket and have my bike impounded. The video has a caption at the beginning that states it is not just about dirtbikes but it is a movement. If that movement is anything more than telling the establishment to kiss their asses, then I am missing something. I just can't make myself believe that all those bikes were obtained by legal means. Sure, some of them could be but the gansta/thug image is too obvious to overlook.
  9. Alajambama

    American motocross bikes

    I am in manufacturing as well. Steam turbine and generator parts. I've seen both Japanese and German engineering and manufacturing processes and can say without hesitation, the U.S. still kicks their asses. When you can avoid unions, the U.S. labor costs are very competitive with Mexico and China. I live it every day. If there was an American made dirt bike, I would own one.
  10. Alajambama

    American motocross bikes

    I lived in Fairview between Rossville and Ft. Oglethorpe until I was 13. Live in DeKalb County AL now about 45 minutes south of Chattanooga off I-59. I have some buddies tha take their Jeeps to Aetna, but I would never think of taking my bike. I love Highland Park in Cedartown and The Ridge in Springville, AL. Both are great parks.
  11. Alajambama

    American motocross bikes

    We can't live very far apart. Do you ever ride at Highland Park?
  12. Alajambama

    Cycle gear worth the drive?

    I have two Cycle Gear stores within and hour drive from home. I use both of them regularly and have never failed to find what I was looking for. Gear, tires, etc. For actual parts though I go to the dealer, they have never had to order anything I have needed.
  13. Alajambama

    Refreshing old mx goggles.

    You can buy a brand new pair of entry level goggles cheaper than most headlight restoration kits. And most replacement lenses are very inexpensive anyway. I buy the Smith SC from Motorcycle Superstore for $12.99 a pair. Lenses are $4.99-$5.99. Cheap enough.
  14. Alajambama

    Would you buy another?

    I have owned both Honda and Suzuki and would not hesitate to purchase either again. These are the only two current brands I have owned. I did have a Chaparral 80 many years ago but they have been out of business since about '74.
  15. Alajambama

    why do you guys hate quads so much!?

    The deal with fourwheelers around here is there always seems to be some drunk idiot redneck wearing cut-off shorts, a wife beater T-shirt, and flip flops hauling his wife or girlfriend and at least one small child and a cooler strapped to the rack. Absolute disregard for the safety of themselves, their passengers, or anyone else riding. I don't have a problem with quads that are operated correctly by someone that is not a complete freaking idiot, you just don't see much of that around here unless you go to one of off-road parks that enforce safety regulations.