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  1. tchamberlain

    Advice on my valve specs?? (03 450)

    I have heard that crf450 valves should be replaced every year. If your valves are in spec and there are no symptoms, should they be replaced any way?
  2. tchamberlain

    Frustrations of a Beginner

    The best thing I ever did was pay a local pro for some private lessons. My first lesson was after I'd been on the bike a 1.5 months and it made a huge difference. I did get a little faster immediately in the corners, but mainly started having much more fun. A 3 hr lesson might be around $100 but well worth it. You wouldn't buy a $6,000 piano and not take some lessons would you?
  3. tchamberlain

    Fuel Screw Adjustment

    Got the Zip Ty fuel screw today. What a simple and effective idea.
  4. tchamberlain

    Fuel Screw Adjustment

    Is there an easy way to adjust the fuel screw on this bike. I am planning on buying an aftermarket screw, but for now its stock. Do you have to take the subfram and carb off. I can't seem to get it loose enough to twist the carb far enough to get a small screw driver in the hole.
  5. tchamberlain

    03 harsh suspension

    If you go softer on the compression, the ride will get rougher in braking bumps. You need to increase the compression to get some relief. Try it in 2 click increments.
  6. tchamberlain

    Stock springs tested today

    FYI- I was prepared to buy new fork and shock springs today. The local race shop asked that I bring my stock springs with me to test. 03 CRF 450 forks - manual stock .47, but tested at .48 I decided not to buy .49s. shock - manual stock 5.6, but tested at 5.4. I am picking up a true 5.6. Hopefully, the right shock spring will improve cornering which I have never been really pleased with. I'll just have to play with the fork oil level to stop the bottoming and maybe get them revalved.
  7. tchamberlain

    Sunstar Sprockets *DELETED*

    Post deleted by tchamberlain
  8. tchamberlain

    "Pop" noise after riding

    Weird deal. After I finish a moto on my 03 CRF450 and have put the bike on the stand, I usually hear a pop noise coming from the front part of the engine or steering area. It usually happens once about 3-5 minutes after riding. If I had to guess I'd say it sounds like a thrermostat popping back closed. Its just a low pop sound and I can't quite find it. Any CRF doctors come across this??? Tim
  9. tchamberlain

    Spring rate question 03 CRF

    I just bought a nearly new 03 CRF450 and have a question. The manual says the stock shock is 5.5kgf/mm with optional stiffer rates of 5.7 and 5.9. MXA says the stock shock for 03 is 5.6. One suspension guy told me the stock spring rate is the same as the 02 CRF which is 5.4. What do your manuals say? Tim
  10. tchamberlain

    Mortgage Broker in Texas???

    I'm a mtg broker. Office tel 214-691-2121 email: tchamberlain1@sbcglobal.net
  11. tchamberlain

    04 YZF450

    Just getting into the 4 strokes and have a question. Is the YZF450 that much harder to ride than the CRF? The mags make it sound like it is a "pro only" bike and I race 250 nov and 30+nov mx only. I have ridden some CRFs and liked them, but the Honda seems to have a low/cramped feeling to it. My current bike is a 02 YZ250 that I've ridden for two years now and I'm ready to upgrade. thanks