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    Help needed on carb issue Varnished fuel

    Start by removing the jet access cap at the bottom of the float bowl and check for sludge. If fuel is still liquid, get afresh tank of 91 oct and give her a try. If the carb is full of the ripe stuff, you know the drill.
  2. Does your spark plug tell any news health?
  3. McGaber

    00 YZF 426 hot starting problem....

    Sounds like your floatlevel is too high.
  4. I't has been my experience that decell popping can be eliminated with a tweak outward on the pilot screw or possible increase in pilot jet size. My 03 wr450 had this similar problem and hated cold starting and idling with any smaller pilot jet than a #52. Good luck
  5. I recently bought a new 03 wr450. However the bike wants more pilot jet than I think is reasonable. I have done all the neccessary un-corking and the bike wants bigger than a 52 pilot jet. Pilot screw is out 4-5 turns to get reliable hot and cold engine starting. So I'm sure a #55 pilot would bring it into the correct fuel screw range of 2 turns out. I have done moderate low to midrange road tests and finally crisp accelleration and no decell popping at all. I'm unsure of the optimum main # due to lack of testing. I have searched countless old forums on this subject. It seems common that many people with similar mods are running near stock pilot sizes and fuel screw settings. The air temp in my area has been 50's t0 70's lately. I am at sea level. I just read over the lititure supplied in my JD jetkit and he says to leave the stock pilot jet, the one my bike hates. Are these jet kits worth their high price? And has any one needed so much low speed jetting?