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    squeeking sound

    Front or back wheel? I had a similar problem with my front wheel, and thought my bearings were going after 5000Km. It ended up being a bit of brake dust on the brake pads. Clean it off and the squeak went. Sorted!
  2. straddie

    TTR250 tyre selection

    Need recommendation for new tyres for TTR 250 '03 . I do 90% on road, with 10% off. Stock tyres (Dunlop 605?) didn't last to long and reasonably useless off road (trail riding). Can someone please tell me what they have found works well on and off road, and actually lasts more than 6 months.
  3. straddie

    buying 2nd hand

    When going out to view/buy a 2nd hand bike (TTR 250) what specifically should you keep an eye out for? What sort of problems are easy or hard to spot?