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  1. Spot_D

    Convert overflow into reserve gas tank?

    Are your buddies applying the Prep H in-flight? Well at least with this mod you can use the overflow to hold a beverage of your choice! ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  2. Spot_D

    426 street legal process

    Guys, Don't know if it helps, but Arizona registration was a snap. I put a brake light switch from Baja Designs; an Acerbis mirror and a Fisher Price horn from K-Mart on it and was in and out of DMV in less than an hour! No turn signals required, no DOT tires (though I've heard that some inspectors look for DOT tires). We have emissions, but my stock jetted '99 just barely registered on their machine. Piece o'cake!, and slightly closer than VT. Drop a line if I can help. ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  3. Spot_D

    steering head bearing help?

    Thanks guys for the imput. I'll use belray and just pack the lower in-place. And Rich, yes, it's a proven fact that well placed expletives help... on the track and off! ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  4. Oh thumper gurus! I have recently taken your advice and have begun a thorough suspension lube of my WR. The head bearings were getting pretty dry.(DUH!) Does anyone know the best way to remove the lower bearing off of the steer stem so that I can lube it well, or should I just pack it in place? I have heard mention of "marine"-type grease as the best bet... Any imput would be much appreciated. Thanks... ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  5. Spot_D

    License Plate Holder

    Yo Hoss! I bought a pretty good plate holder from Baja Designs. So far so good, have flipped the bike a couple o' times and it bends back good. I don't have a link for them, but search and you will find..G'luck! ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  6. Spot_D

    Front Brake Guard Alert

    Thanks Fourstroker,it should work great! ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  7. Spot_D

    Front Brake Guard Alert

    Thanks for the input Mark. Where did you find your particular guard? I'm still looking, but am convinced I need one ASAP. I've read in this forum that some feel it's not necessary because the brake is well hidden behind the fork leg; but if they'll notice, there is an inch or so exposed below the slider. A very small impact was required for mine to break... Thanks again. ------------------ '99 WR way too stock
  8. Spot_D

    Front Brake Guard Alert

    Hey guys, has anyone broken the stay arm that holds the front brake caliper? I'm new to this forum, but have had my 99WR for a couple of years now. I was riding alongside a fallen log and a small branch hit the front caliper and broke the arm. The dealer said that it wasn't that uncommon of a part to break. I feel that even a plastic disk guard would have deflected it enough to save me $$. The arm is only sold as part of the entire caliper assy, and cost me about $225!! Ouch... BEWARE, this arm is very weak and even a well-placed rock could take it out. At least I have an extra caliper to show for it... ------------------ '99 WR way too stock