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  1. One more question. Are you running the air jet that came with the carb? The one I have is a .5. I'm thinking it may need a bigger one because of the change from the primary needle jet that came with it to the bleed jet that's in there now.
  2. That's the fuel screw, out is richer. You have to turn it out all the way and clean it. 1/2 turn out sounds a little lean but it should have come out when you cleaned the carb. Turn the whole carb upside down and let it soak with a little "WD-40" or "PB Blaster" around that screw.
  3. Went with your suggestions as far as jetting for a lower altitude but came up short. I’m in Chicago at about 500’. Found a few posts on the net about altitude compensation and they suggest a 1 step change in jet size for every 1500’ to 2000’ change. I just ordered a P-8 needle jet as well as a 220 and a 230 main. The bike runs well off idle up to about ½ throttle with the clip is in the bottom notch. I will keep you posted as to my progress. By the way Sudco has the best prices I’ve found and everything is in stock.
  4. OK dr_drz I'm giving it a try. Big savings over BBR's $300 setup. One question, what slide are you using? There are 2 available for the VM26.