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  1. cfdfireman1

    Pistons Aren't Round: Profile and Ovality Explained

    I raced in the seventies with a buddy who was a machinist. He kept seizing his piston so he being a machinist took care of the out of round piston he discovered. Sure didn't take care of his repeated piston seizures. He later found a bent rod was the culprit but he learned something.
  2. cfdfireman1

    DRZ-125 Carb Upgrade Successes?

    One more question. Are you running the air jet that came with the carb? The one I have is a .5. I'm thinking it may need a bigger one because of the change from the primary needle jet that came with it to the bleed jet that's in there now.
  3. cfdfireman1

    Mixture Problem - Need Advice

    That's the fuel screw, out is richer. You have to turn it out all the way and clean it. 1/2 turn out sounds a little lean but it should have come out when you cleaned the carb. Turn the whole carb upside down and let it soak with a little "WD-40" or "PB Blaster" around that screw.
  4. cfdfireman1

    DRZ-125 Carb Upgrade Successes?

    Went with your suggestions as far as jetting for a lower altitude but came up short. I’m in Chicago at about 500’. Found a few posts on the net about altitude compensation and they suggest a 1 step change in jet size for every 1500’ to 2000’ change. I just ordered a P-8 needle jet as well as a 220 and a 230 main. The bike runs well off idle up to about ½ throttle with the clip is in the bottom notch. I will keep you posted as to my progress. By the way Sudco has the best prices I’ve found and everything is in stock.
  5. cfdfireman1

    DRZ-125 Carb Upgrade Successes?

    OK dr_drz I'm giving it a try. Big savings over BBR's $300 setup. One question, what slide are you using? There are 2 available for the VM26.